Maximum Maxine


Maxine/Next Models NY Image courtesy of Next NY

We  can testify that Next’s Maxine is every inch this gorgeous in person. As a secret weapon that has been carefully cultivated for that timely unveiling, let’s just say Maxine is getting all the right attention from all the right people.

  1. Rarely works out for a new girl when the very first thing out of everyone’s mouth is OMG, she looks JUST like “so and so.” I’m not fan of the picture, but since you guys are so excited I’ll reserve judgment!

  2. Are you crazy?! She has notjing to do with Adriana Lima! Adriana Lima doesn’t have freckles!!

    Maxine is gorgeous!!!

  3. Adriana Lima/Maryna Linchuk………….

    Victoria’s Secret take notes!!!

  4. Maybe shes Maybelline because she looks like she is totally worth it – LOVE MAXINE

  5. I can picture a guy in her too..just cut her hair. Why is it that models sometimes look like guys can be girls or girls can be guys..all unisex looking? Don’t get me wrong.. she is a beautiful person..just looks like she could walk for either side.

  6. She’s nothing like Adriana Lima.

    She’s a high end, glossy, campaign girl.

    Think Lonneke!!!

  7. well, the eyes are strong like Adrianna, that’s why the comparison…
    I like how she reminds me of a classic beauties, from like a 60’s italian movie – something like that..

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