Top 10 Newcomer FW 10: Dafne (Ford)


Dafne/ Ford Models Image courtesy of Ford NY

With the crispest of blue chip editorials already piling up and major campaign interest rumbling, the cool new Argentinian teen on the scene Dafne has clearly converted her Givenchy FW 10 runway exclusive into a brilliant platform for a very interesting career. New decade new ideals indeed!

  1. wow, she is breath taking! new vision, new direction at Ford thanks to the genius eye and management of Paul Rowland and his team

  2. Her full name is Dafne Cejas, the funny thing is that in spanish “cejas” means eyebrows and I really think she has a strong face but her eyebrows have a special beauty.

  3. She’s very Supreme girl ,all girls from x Supreme rock stars !!!!! what happen with Supreme where is all girls from Supreme ?

  4. There has been a major shake up, Chris. Most of the supreme girls are with Ford now, as that’s where Paul Rowland is :)

  5. She is stunning. Not so much a Supreme, I mean, Ford girl. But love her. Ford will become cool, less profitable…. and Supreme will quickly go downhill.

  6. Not so many girls from Supreme with Ford now !! where is Evelina Mambetova ??????????????????????????????she’s my favorite girl !!!!

  7. Absolutely stunning! The first girl this season that am very very excited about

  8. no one doesen know where is Evelina Mambetova she’s not with Ford and she’s left from Supreme web site .I hope she is well

  9. why don’t they put the full names. It’s really hard to find who they are cause there’s girls with the same first name anyways thanks chris says:
    March 25th, 2010 at 10:49 pm for the tip

  10. She looks like the new generation of Gia……She is beautiful, rough, unique, yet seems to be untouch by the world…can’t wait to see more of her, Joan Smalls, Lais Riberio, Fe Fe and Tammerjin….

  11. I don’t see her name at the model finder list… why is that? all the other newcomers are on the list. I love Dafne, very inspiring.

  12. OMG!, Dafne is incredible she’s absolutely unique!, so sofisticated! and she has a cool surname “cejas” means “eyebrowns” is the firt thing that i see in her face :P

  13. I love that she is not smiling in this photo it makes her look tough and raw and edgy its a great shot of her although it is a litle blurry I wish it wasn’t so blurry so I could see her more clearly because she is gorgeous

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