1. The fashion industry can prove it’s flexibility and acceptance without taking everything to an extreme (too fat, too skinny, etc.). Good for her for the shoot, the clothes look great, I just didn’t want to see an obese woman half naked no matter how fabulous she is.

    On another note, who cares about the blatant sexuality; half naked-size 2 models are strewn throughout every fashion mag in existence and its called artsy. I think I’ve seen Lara Stone’s breasts more this year than my own. This pictorial is no different.

  2. she’s beautiful but i think this size-debate is just wierd and has taken-to me- a quite ugly turn. as a skinny woman myself i’d like to see sexy shoots like this- with skinny women. i don’t know many editiorials with skinny and sexy women THAT has confidence like this woman and displays a happy and humorous sexuality.

    i often find sexy editorials with skinny women very one-dimensional and boring- like the previous with Iris Strubegger, she’s a beutiful and sexy woman but they chose to just put her in “tough” environment with stiff positions and not so soft face expressions. Skinny women can have a soft and happy sexuality too, i think it’s very disturbing that skinny models just seems to be robots witouth any feelings and a sexuality that is owned by themselves. they shouldn’t need a man to stand in the background of the picture and looking horny to feel sexy.

    No, I say that next time there will be a size issue. Let every size be portrayed fair!

  3. Perhaps displaying the “extreme” will make things easier for those of lesser size while making life alittle easier for the “extreme”??
    A two bird with one stone kinda deal?

  4. I looove this! Hopefully this is the first step towards a more healthy view on how women should look to be sexy and desirable..
    It’s just that.. Am I the only one wondering if it is ironic? I mean.. The pictures are not very fashion, they kind off (except for the beautyfull clothes) look like it is a joke.. I hope not, it would be such a shame!

  5. She’s an international burlesque star- so like many of the fashion pictorials of Dita Von Teese, I think the stylists were mixing burlesque style with high fashion- taking elements of both to capture Dirty Martini’s burlesque essence while still making something appropriate for a glossy fashion magazine. I think it’s inspired! And inspiring!

  6. She is a beautifull lady & so much more female than the anorexia-girls.
    I can hear her singing:
    I’m Every Woman, It’s All In Me
    Anything You Want Done, Baby
    I’ll Do It Naturally… (and she does)
    (Shaka Khan)

    Go for it Girl!!! …>”.”<…

    Peace & Love from the Netherlands

  7. I LOVE the plus-size model shoot and I am hoping we can see as much size diversity on runways as we see ethnic diversity in the near future!! The two models shown side by side is genius and the important thing you realize is that they are both beautiful. Imagine a time when you don’t have to conform to one standard measurement of beauty and you can feel attractive in your own skin. Is it possible?? I HATE the Karl Lagerfeld shoot. This is coming from the same guy who said “no one wants to see round women.” Yes, the spread is edgy, it’s randy, it’s zany, but ultimately Lagerfeld is making fun of the plus-sized woman in this grotesque shoot. Is this the best he can do? And this guy is talented?

  8. I think it’s strange and disturbing that all of the plus-sized models are being overly sexualized. They are either nude or nearly nude or vacuum-packed into Lycra leotards. Where is the class? Where are the women looking gorgeous is suits, done up in an YSL like a fantastic Helmut Newton photograph?

    Essentially, the industry is saying that the only way for larger women to be accepted is as sexual objects. Nay, not even that. They are portrayed as deviant sexual objects, fetishized, then relegated to their special issue, to the special bus. This is not inclusion, but the formation of and obsession with a new kind of Other.

    Every issue should be the “size issue,” with every woman in every size from 00-44+ represented. We should combat ageism, call for greater ethnic and cultural diversity. We should see girls with tattoos and piercings, with scarring, with birthmarks. Girls should come down the runway in heights from 5’0 to 6’0, and below, and beyond. We should challenge every standard definition of beauty, because look at all of these women: each one is fucking amazing.

  9. :) o yes,….. This is beautiful. Karl,…. Thank you!
    Nice lingerie,…super super!

  10. P.S. I 100% agree with you Erica. The Terry Richardson shoot was brilliant; the Karl Lagerfeld shoot was offensive.

    But we all know how he feels about fat women, charity, meat, traveling, meetings, people, touching people, love, and children, right? “It is demode”; “I hate it”.

  11. I agree with this not being healthy.. While yes, anorexia is a horrible thing, or any eating disorder a model takes on in the name of “beauty” or fashion” is disturbing and sad, so is saying being overweight is okay. Each extreme isn’t okay. Am I glad this woman had the confidence to flaunt her nakedness despite that she’s chubby? Of course! How wonderful it is to be comfortable and feel gorgeous in the body you have! And she is beautiful. But, I think there’s something to be said about eating healthy and working, over being extremely thin or extremely large in the sake of proving points.

    Oberall however, beautiful shoot.

  12. @ Erin i think you and Erica are right, but ppl cant change overnight. He is trying to look at fashiondesign in a different way. Negativity doesnt create a posetive vibe. I give him the benefit of the doubt and think he still is searching for the right angle to approuch this new modeltype. I hope in the future he wil take this more serious. But stil i think he deserves credit for this work. Atleast he tried. He could have refused,….I mean he doesnt need the money or status :)

  13. Fantastic pics! Those here who are sticking their fingers, fists and feet down their throats over this need to get a gentle whack to the head 9and a spanking!) by Dirty Martini or other full figured gals that do today’s VERY fun live burlesque shows. They’re NOT pornographic, insulting or whatever else your minds are cooking up.

    Hell, if you really want to get that ticked off over something ALL women should be against, go full force after those who put their CHILDREN into pageant after pageant from the time they can stand up. Sorry, but a four or five year old girl dolled up like a cheap tart and forced to dance and sing in order to win a trophy and cash is MORE offensive to me than a grown woman with a body that feels free in her flesh and knows how to show it off.

    Anyway, Here’s a hats off to Miz Martini! Cheers to a real woman who’s CONFIDENT in her skin and can show some of you how to enjoy that part of life you seem to think is disgusting.

    Now… Lagerfeld as the photog on this after his past/current comments? Well, he’s entitled to an opinion even if he’s extremely wrong about it. I never liked the guy, but he’s an icon in the industry no matter what I or anyone else thinks about him personally.

  14. These are very beautiful and stylized photos of a very charismatic and talented performer. She has been a hero to the burlesque community for years – and her size has very little to do with it. She’s fabulous. She’s enterprising. She’s talented and she’s a great person.

    I find it warped that people feel the need to place judgement because she has not have a conventional model physique. So f-ing what? You’d have to be a very sad, insecure, superficial and uninformed person if these images disgust you. I’d love to see the ‘hater’s have a dance-off with Dirty Martini – I think it’s obvious who’d win. If Giselle Bundchen posed in exactly the same fashion, I don’t think anyone would bat an eyelid. Strange world. I myself have faced prejudice for my size – even though I eat less and exercise far more than most people I know. Even models. I was just built this way. Size-ism is just as evil as racism and there is often no logic.

    That said, I will be buying this issue of V for sure, so I can get a good look at this shoot and support one of my favourite burlesque performers of all time!

    Shaboobie Boobarella

  15. Dirty Martini is an amazing performer and looks sensational here. Very cool to see her Burlesque background being incorporated in the styling.

    Keep on twirling your tassels, Miss Martini! You’re fabulous.

  16. oh i love it.
    its so lovely to have diversity. Sends out the message that all body shapes are acceptable, not just size zeros ( which as we know can lead to eating disorders.) This doesn’t glorify obesity just promotes diversity in an industry which completely lacks it.

  17. Karl Lagerfeld does not hold disregard towards heavier woman. He prefers thin tall girls as far as elements of design and presentation are concerned.
    You cannot declare yourself a fashion lover without understanding and accepting these truths, it is not as vague, or blunt, as most would assume.

  18. I think these pictures are stunning. Just looking at the first one wowed me. Yes, I am “plus-size”, so it means a little more to me, but even without that viewpoint, it’s still great. Now if this could only be a norm that didn’t need a special issue to show it . . .

    And @Melody, Melissa, Leila: How exactly is this model ‘obese’? Is your vision really that distorted? And get over it. There are people (real human beings, yes) in this world who are large. What gives you the right to stereotype and mock them? I think having a viewpoint like that is what’s disgusting. It makes you a bigot, nothing better.

  19. The reason it seems so ‘vulgar’ to everyone is that unlike the childish bodies of most models, her figure actually looks feminine. no matter how you look at it, breasts etc. are culturally sexualized parts of the body that develop when you sexually mature and the fact that most models are minimally endowed makes this in contrast seem very explicit when in fact many models are often naked or wearing lingerie all the time and no one talks about how its slutty or dirty. and she is clearly not ‘obese’. you are very sick when you are obese and this woman is clearly healthy.

  20. This is FANTASTIC!! I wish every magazine would publish photo’s of sizable women. I can’t wait to purchase V and support their effort!

  21. I love the photo. From what I know of burlesque it’s a blend of sex, camp and beauty and I think it’s all captured perfectly. The smoldering, earthy quality of a real women, with all those lovely curves, and particularly the delicate tracery of lace that contrasts her creamy skin, a tattoo? Another taboo? Why Mr. Lagerfeld, naughty naughty. is just all more than one can handel!!! lol

  22. Photography is art, the human body is art.
    There are different assessments and different tastes.

  23. Wow. I am just floored when people look at “transgressive” pictures of women who are a size 12 or 14 and truck out the word “obesity” and grouse about health.

    I’m a size 16-18 and weigh 200 pounds, making me bigger than Miss Martini, I’m sure. For 3 years I played roller derby, practicing high impact aerobic speed skating and hitting 4 times a week for 2 hours each. That entire time and since then, I commute every day 15 miles by bicycle. I practice Bikram yoga 4-6 times per week. I have normal blood pressure, normal blood sugar, and in every other way am as healthy as an “average sized” woman. I love to eat, but I eat I’d say 80-90% whole, unprocessed foods.

    Please, someone, tell me how this magazine is “irresponsible” in promoting women who look like me as beautiful? I would challenge any thinner woman making these fearful comments to an endurance workout. If you’re not running marathons, I’ll bet I kick your ass.

    Women of all sized are beautiful, including me. Shame on all of you who would purport otherwise. I hope you get over yourselves and learn to enjoy life and other people a bit more.

  24. These are phenomenal pictures! For all of you who don’t know, Dirty Martini is an extremely talented performer and one of the most famous stars of the new burlesque movement.
    Right on to Karl Lagerfeld for featuring Dirty Martini!

  25. grimes says: “The reason it seems so ‘vulgar’ to everyone is that unlike the childish bodies of most models, her figure actually looks feminine. no matter how you look at it, breasts etc. are culturally sexualized parts of the body that develop when you sexually mature and the fact that most models are minimally endowed makes this in contrast seem very explicit when in fact many models are often naked or wearing lingerie all the time and no one talks about how its slutty or dirty. and she is clearly not ‘obese’. you are very sick when you are obese and this woman is clearly healthy.”

    I am so glad someone finally mentioned this! Just because the woman has a rack, she is vulgar and slutty? If this shoot had been done with a skinny model, no one would have even mentioned the word slutty! Make up your minds people! It seems the same type of people who are saying on the other photo shoots that the “fat” women are unattractive are here saying this woman is slutty and vulgar…. which we all know really means you are just jealous of her tatas….

    p.s. to all of those men out there speaking for your gender… most of the women that men lust after in the adult industry would be considered plus sized for high fashion!

  26. I love and adore Dirty Martini ! I also like Karl Lagerfeld. However, I was somewhat disappointed in his photoshoot. I thought that Dirty Martini could have been represented better. In other words, KL did not do her beauty justice. I would have put her in a nice gown, and posed her more alluringy. Dirty Martini can take a great photograph. I agree with the person who said that the pics were unflattering. Dirty Martini deserved better treatment, better art direction. Congratulations to you, Dirty Martini, for being selected for this special issue of V, I am really happy for you and support your career !

  27. After decades of absence, the long-awaited return of womanly curves in fashion?
    Adorable woman, fantastic pics!

  28. Some of you commenters really need to rethink your definition of “obese”. Dirty Martini is in great shape. She’s an active physically fit dancer. She also has a body type which, while not uncommon, is rarely portrayed in the fashion media.

    An to those uptight about semi nudity, some people do not see it as demeaning to be viewed as sexy. We were all born naked, it’s our most natural state! Love ya’ Dirty!

  29. I love this ‘real sized’ woman crap that everyone’s always touting. What happened to normal sized women, the ones between the sizes of 4 and 8? Where being a -2 isn’t what ‘real’ women should look like, neither is this. As lovely as she might be, she is overweight and yet everyone embraces these plus-sized models as being what real women look like.

    People have such disdain toward women who are normal. The model in Vogue a few weeks ago who was talking about the insanity of the industry and how her size 4 was considered ‘fat’. All I read were spiteful sarcastic articles about how we should feel so sorry for her because she’s clearly such a fatass. No, she was explaining what the industry is and people hated her for it because while she wasn’t ridiculously thin, she wasn’t overweight because clearly that’s what us ‘real’ women look like. I dunno, I kind of enjoy seeing women who like my friends, or myself or the people I pass on a city street. Yanno, normal sized people.

    These much sought after curves that everyone’s always talking about, the reminiscence of classic Hollywood, they were not plus-sized, they were not super thin, they were normal. It irks me when people like to cite that Monroe was ‘plus-sized’ because of her dress size in 1950. While she was hardly a toned woman, she was not ‘plus-sized’. Her measurements were similar to about a 4/6 these days. What I consider to be a normal, healthy size for women.

    Go look at neo-classical art or 1940’s pin-ups to see what a normal woman is supposed to look like and I assure you as much as it’s not a rail thin starved model, it’s not this either.

  30. Anna there is no “normal” in nature, there is only “normal” in your narrow mind. People are born with a variety of body types. Some people are naturally a 2, some are naturally a 6, others are naturally a 14. Some women are muscular, some have huge tits, some grow beards. There may be average types but average does not make them more “normal” than others.

    This is simply a glamour layout of a lovely lady with a certain body type, no more and no less. It’s not meant to dictate what anyone else should be, it’s simply a celebration of who she is, period. Why the hell should every photo shoot be of the same kind of person? The fact that it bugs you so much says a lot about you.

  31. I think it’s wonderful to see variety embraced by fashion. I have a newfound respect for M Lagerfeld.

  32. You can cry tragedy about obesity all you want, doesn’t change anything. 64% of Americans are considered overweight or obese. It’s time for high fashion to wake up and start making clothes that are more readily available for the people that live in the US. I applaud the designers who have already started to make Plus-size lines and say keep it up – maybe Versace wouldn’t have to close their PR firm if they widened their line a little.

    I hope this dialogue keeps going!

  33. No, I am saying that overweight is not what the standard should be. People seem to go batshit every time an overweight women is featured in a magazine and begin shrieking, ‘Someone who looks like us!’ No, she doesn’t look like all of us, that’s as narrow-minded as featuring nothing but -2 size models. In these ‘size’ issues there’s always a huge gap in the sizes. Either you’re rail thin or you’re a size 14. She’s clearly a lovely woman, I think it’s a fabulous spread, but what about the women who aren’t plus-sized and are not an anorexic waif? They are never featured and when they are people seem to cry foul.

    I look around me and I see what I consider ‘normal’ sized women. They’re not overweight, they’re not ridiculously thin and yet no one ever seems to give them a second thought. There needs to be variety but I don’t see it. I see overweight or underweight. No one wants to talk about women who aren’t one or the other, it’s as though if a women isn’t underweight then clearly she has to be overweight.

    Again, the model is lovely, her weight does not bother me, however the fact that this is all magazines ever focus on when they’re trying to include ‘all women’ is a travesty. There is a middle ground and no one seems to give a damn about promoting it. It’s always one extreme or another.

  34. You are contradicting yourself left and right. You keep referring to women who look like you and your friends as “normal” as if everyone else is abnormal. All sizes are normal. The fact that most print media focuses on a narrow slice of normal, very thin women, does create a distorted image. But considering how rarely a lady with Dirty’s proportions is given a spread it’s silly of you to rant about it. Its While there may be a lack of… let’s call them “medium” sized women in these shoots, the problem is not one isolated shoot of a non traditional model.

    It’s as if you were fighting to get women into and all mens club and then you got pissed off because the first lady who got in was black and you are white.

  35. Just want to chime in on the kudos to V, Herr Karl, and Dirty for a beautiful and exuberant shoot. Glamour and seduction abound in these photos – because Miss Martini has it in spades. I’m happy as can be to see a curvy gal deemed worthy of this kind of layout!

  36. Where is the “liberation” , the shoot has the skinny “normal” woman in a timeless chanel suit and the plus size girl in nipple tassels. It seems that plus size models are made a joke of. Either like them or leave them. Don’t mock them

  37. ^Charlotte: it’s your ignorance and prejudices that you need to liberate yourself from… the skinny “normal” woman is a Coco Chanel stand-in, having her next to the plus size model is an homage to one of the greatest figures in fashion.
    and it is only your puritan views on sexuality that make the plus size model an object of mockery, on the opposite what this editorial does is show that anyone can be sexy and comfortable in their sexuality, plus size or not.

  38. I think she’s adorable. When I was looking through this editorial, I just gushed over her cute little poses and lovely, ample body. OwO She reminds me a little bit of Lillian Russell :D

  39. I wish they would show her in couture clothing. It’s hard for big girls to find nice clothes that feel elegant and sophisticated. It’s much more conventional to see big girls dressed like this in most magazines. She’s very pretty, but this spread showcasing her spread is very uncreative.

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