No 1 With A Bullet


Baptiste Giabiconi. Ph: Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue Paris March 09

With the male modeling industry facing a scarcity of long-term support on the part of clients for new and emerging faces, sifting through the blue chip SS/FW 09 campaigns to find a new heir apparent was no easy task. And then there came Karl Lagerfeld to the rescue as the last star-maker on the market ready to sweep a chosen male face to the heights of mass media exposure, multiple campaigns and guaranteed A-list editorial positioning. It’s a part of the game of fashion and now Mr Baptiste stands as the  new No 1 on MDC Top 50 male models ranking with full buzz, the blazing spotlight and crackling controversy.

  1. In order to be considered a male supermodel, one must be appreciated, respected, and well known by the fashion industry and the public. I’ve JUST heard about this Baptiste guy. It takes a while before you can consider yourself number one in this industry. Gisele didn’t become #1 overnight. She worked hard to get where she is now and both the fashion industry and the public know her as a famous supermodel figure. No matter where you go, you see Gisele. Billboards, Ads, Commercials, Fragrance, Beauty Campaigns, Spreads, Covers, etc. To be honest, I have yet to see Baptiste in any public high end stores. You cannot give him the title of #1 if he is not known worldwide as has earned the recognition of being a male supermodel. Everyone around the world knows Naomi, Tyra, Gisele, and Kate. As for the guys, Mark V, Tyson B, Marcus S. This are the guys that have earned their claim to fame as male supermodels. I literally thought Baptiste started modeling about a week ago or something. And trust me, I know my stuff when it comes to fresh faces becoming supermodels. He’s a good looking guy, don’t get me wrong. But the guy can not yet be considered number 1.

  2. I love his hair style and his posing image, His hamson, he his good but i think i can do better than him. I can be the number one

  3. I can not wait the Boys rankings, Top Male models and Money Guys, i really looking forward to it, i wait that day for long time!!

  4. In my opinion who is the most pissed off by this “changing the leader affair” is Sean!
    Poor sean all this time spent bellow Mathias, watching, waiting, hoping that some day the Zen Master would fall and that he’d finally become the bloody number one…….butttttttt, surprise: basically an unknown comes and…well guys, you know the rest of the story…
    Auch, that must be painful!!!!
    HILARIOUS, my friends

  5. Just saw pics of Baptiste Giabiconi and Karl Lagerfeld together remind be a bit of Paris Hilton and her chihuahua. Hope Karl´s handgag is big enough :-)

  6. Jon K is the one who deserves the first place…

    Longer time in model industry, and more beautiful in all ways


    i reapeat Baptiste???

    ¿¿¿¿??????? …………. ¿????????????? …… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Sorry I fell into sleep… he’s so NOT SPECIAL!

    Jom K is like WOW! You know what i mean?.. those cheekbones, those eyes..

    Baptiste : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


  8. what an oddly sexy pic!! xoxo…
    I think the industry doesn’t spend enough time promoting male models to a celebrity/iconic level because somehow it has been more common for women to get hype based solely on their looks. Male supermodels are only known to fashion goers and not the general public, because there is less commercial brands for men. For women there is Loreal, Victoria Secret, ext. But I think it could definitely be done, pushing a male face to that level where they are recognized by the general public. It would have to be done alot different from the girls though, in a more slow and mature manner. It would be really neat to see a male model as popular as Giselle one day :)..

  9. Não precisava mostrar mais do que devia.
    Será que os editorais estão tão fracos em opinião, que agora tem que apelar para o sexo.
    A fase de ousadia já passou; o ousado não causa impacto como antes, agora seria melhor o Karl em vez de colocar homens pelados, mostrar seu vasto conhecimento sobre o moderno atual e, criar um novo impacto de sexy e elegância sem baixarias velhas.

  10. Where is MATHIAS LAURIDSEN? After 2 years ++ from number 1 to no rank? What happened?

  11. What the hell does it matter? Its a fashion model, not a world leader with nuclear arms at his beck and call. Who cares if he is called #1 or he’s called Fred? Don’t get your knickers in such a twist over something that is a non-issue.
    And calling Claudia boring is possibly the most absurd remarks I’ve heard. Boring? A woman of classical beauty, brains and talent who doesn’t act like an ass in public nor private, who is respectful and has respect for herself can hardly be called boring. To call her boring is a reflection of your own boredom and total lack of reality.

  12. @George It matters because it is not CNN to elaborate your world leader with nuclear arms at his beck and call speech. It is an issue because this site is dedicated with everything fashion, what else would you like to talk about here? War on Iraq? Education in Africa?

  13.! Where are the two new lists that you promised us — Male Icons (working male icons) and Top Money guys? When can we expect to see these rankings? Are you telling the truth when you say these rankings are forthcoming? You should have released and revised ALL THREE rankings at the same time instead of insulting our intelligence with Baptiste Giabiconi. By choosing Baptiste as #1, you make a mockery of all the efforts of some very talented men that are much more deserving. Shame on you!

  14. Dear Atombanger:

    CONTRARY to what you might think, a lot of work, thought and research goes into our lists. We deal with the agents EVERY day and
    we know what the major models are doing and will be doing.

    You are perfectly entitled to your opinion that it is a “mockery”. You are also totally welcome to
    1-make your own damn list
    2-go to other websites who may or may not deal with their agents and clients EVERY single day.

    So while you may want us to pull these lists out of thin air, we are busy doing research.


  15. Betty, Don’t forget to put casey taylor in top icons. he ruled the runways for 7 years and hes the favorite of frida giannini, valentino, versace, pignatelli, morrello, marras, and cavalli.

  16. How DARE you delete my post! I will repost:

    Delighted to hear that intense research is in progress. Perhaps you should have published your newly revised formula, criteria, and/or parameters that determine rank order of fashion models at the SAME TIME you changed the rankings. I’m sure it would be a great relief to the entire fashion community to know that a very careful, logical methodology is in play rather than what appears to be pure fanciful whim. Careers are at stake here. Prove to us that a lot of work, thought and research goes into your lists. Publish your methodology ASAP.

  17. Atombanger,

    Relax, no one deleted your post, we just hadn’t published it yet…. So instead I will publish your impatient response :) We are not hovering over the feed comments every second..

    By “ordering” us to publish our “methodology”, you are just showing your lack of knowledge about the business. Isn’t it obvious? Campaigns, editorials, shows and “hype” by the fashion community and the outside world. That is it. There is a bigger picture than you realize that cannot be measured, including many intricate webs and power structures within the industry (including top photographers, designers, editors, magazines).

    No list is ever perfect. Even the Forbes top earning models list is complete guesswork by them… You think IMG is going to release Gisele’s earnings? No way and I will stake my life on that.


  18. If, as you say, the fashion industry is just a collection of variables that cannot be measured, why would you rank? Ranking implys that tangible variables exist. Certainly you could list one single variable. What is the timeframe of the ranking? What is the criteria? These are reasonable inquries. Please do not let us walk away from this website with the secret thought that someone from is being bribed, blackmailed or is sleeping with someone from the Baptiste Giabiconi camp. Read the other posts above. Other comments speculate as such. Certainly you could find some way to reassure the fashion community that a lot of work, thought and research goes into your lists … if you do not offer up such reassurance, you inadvertantly damage your credibility. The easiest and fastest way to repair damage is to publish the other two promised lists ASAP and publish an itemized list of tangible variables that you used generate your current rankings, including methodoloy ASAP.

  19. Atombanger those are reasonable inquiries and I understand your concern.

    However. I think what is being lost in all this hoopla over the switch at the top is that the list is not etched permanently in stone and is subject to a) interpretation b) subjective analysis and c) change.

    As for what the criteria regarding the number one slot is it revolves primarily around who is booking the best of both editorial and campaign work. One also has to take into consideration the manner in which the boys are being supported by the industry itself. Are there other male models who are deserving and who have attained a certain level of success? Yes. Absolutely but the moment for Baptiste is now. The backing of a prominent designer isn’t something to sneeze at and as we’ve seen with Brad Kroenig the approval of Karl can translate into the kind of campaign success that is difficult to replicate.

    I think the problem was that Mathias (and I don’t get me wrong, I love Mathias) was number one for so very long. Perhaps past the point where his bookings justified such a position. The list in its current state is going to be somewhat more adaptable to the changes within the industry itself. If Baptiste’s bookings no longer support his status then he will move down on the list and someone else will move up. Please don’t think that this is a biased transition it only reflects what is happening in the industry right now as opposed to being a sort of greatest hits list. Perhaps that was unclear…

    I don’t see what would be resolved by rushing the two other lists. Would there not be the same complaints of favoritism and/or unfairness if we leave off someone who is popular?

    For the moment this season Baptiste is riding high on five bluer than blue chip campaigns. The only boy I can think of who compares right now is Danny Schwarz but that’s my personal opinion ^_^

    So just to wrap things up, no one is being bribed. Unless you count the million Euros Karl Lagerfeld stuffed in a Chanel purse and left in my mailbox. Everyone is entitled to say who they’d like to see at number one but the methodology behind the lists is very simple, straightforward and non-biased.

    – j

  20. Yes,
    I was also shocked and angy when Mathias was deleted but two ranking lists will be here as soon as possible.
    Let the team do their job. We have no right to demand for the lists, we should wait and be glad that we got at all.

  21. Janelle,
    Thank you for your thoughtful, professional and intelligent response to my concerns. I was utterly convinced that the top 50 rankings represented a “greatest hits list” as there was no evidence or published info to suggest otherwise. Mathias at #1 for over two years would suggest a “greatest hits list,” would it not? But now that you have indicated criteria, perhaps you should prominently display this info so that no one has this confusion in the future. Thanks to you, Janelle, I am more confident now in Janelle, perhaps it would best serve if YOU were the employee that addresses these posts and deals with the community response to this matter…

  22. Yeah! Please don’t forget to include Jon K in your new lists!
    He’s such a icon! <3

  23. Atombanger,

    Janelle is a gem. I’m glad she was able to give you insight into this in a way that I could not. I have
    to admit that I defend the lists sometimes in a way that’s maybe too passionate and emotional because I DO know how hard we work on it and that it is not arbitrary. Sometimes I need to step back and let others take up the cause and explain it in a calm, rational way!


  24. Wow,

    Just as I had lost faith in the fashion industry I see it stoop to a new low. The game of hierarchies is getting old as is one person (aka Lagerfeld among others) possessing the power of a wizard with a magic wand. It’s time to turn it over to a new generation focused on the progression of fashion and innovation instead of the capricious industry we are facing today. Until this disposable mindset changes we will continue to see no progression in building new faces that have longevity. Shame on MDC for promoting this type of behavior-it is surely a step in the direction of the fashion industry’s demise and a horribly repetitive cycle.


  25. I guarantee that Giselle does not make 30-plus million a year. That is totally absurd.

    It is nice to see Mathias off the number one spot finally, but now he isn’t even on the list at all? He went somehow from number 1 one week to below number 50 the next? Doesn’t make any sense. I’m only mentioning this because it shows the absurdity of these rankings.

    And MDC plays favorites, picking who they want, and then by ranking them high on the list, they are in effect perpetuating the legend and status of that model. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy to an extent. That is one reason I never take these rankings seriously.

  26. MDC you’re like “words.. words.. words”
    We just want our Mathias back !!!
    I really think you will deal with a rebelion here if he won’t be number one that ICON top.
    Till then, peace!

  27. Oh my goooddd…RELAX people!!
    Mathias was on the list for soooo long…time for change!! I am happy that he is off…and if he dont have any major campaigns this season then he should not be on the top 50..put him on one of the upcoming list, i dont care, he should just not be there anymore.. Time for some changes on the top 50. It’s been borring for too long now..

    however i would have prefered Sean O for no. 1!!

  28. Wow, its really pickin up in here. I so agree with JC. its all favouritism and i am so upset that this unkown guy is nr.1 just cuz
    Karl used him in his shoots and his campagins..
    Really disapointed on MDC..

  29. Some changes ok, but bad changes no !!!

    I’m sorry, but until now, nobody but Mathias is so one of a kind, original and stylish…

    The male model world has no value without him at the head of…
    The new young models are so insipid !

  30. Oh please, any list like this has to be somewhat subjective. Nothing wrong with that. Fashion is all about having the courage to have a point of view.

    And these complaints sound suspiciously like they’re all coming from the same person… just sayin’

  31. JJ you are wrong , the comments are NOT all from the same person.
    But Mathias got a lot of fans ( believe it or not ) who are upset and other models who deserve to be NO 1 got also fans who are upset.
    Sorry that such a lot of people here have the same opinion :-)
    There are also a lot of people who don´t care abou all this, but these are the ones who don´t write any comments here.

  32. I am very amazed at how this industry operates. I am happy for the model, he has a wonderful opportunity, I am happy for Karl Lagerfeld for finding a muse, but I am wondering why he would be number 1 out of nowhere. And Mathias is NOT the most beautiful man but he is amazing. I am more inclined to favor someone with not only true beauty (yes even more beautiful than Mathias, with years of experience and with more ambition and substance who is willing to work his heart out and give high quality work every time… What?, you have never heard of Matthew Ludwinski? he is still listed here, a true trooper regaling with his ballsy beauty. Check him out and enjoy!

  33. ” And if you’re missing out on your beloved favorites like Tyson Ballou, Gabriel Aubry,Ivan, Jason Shaw, Mark Vanderloo, Ryan Locke and Alex Lundquist then stay tuned for the unleashing of MDC’s Top 50 Male Models Of All Times Listing. It’s going to be epic! ”

    This is your description for the “Top 50 Male Models”

    Hummmm, aren’t you forgetting someone? just sayin…
    Of corse all the Mathias Lauridsen’s fans freak out!
    Do you have a problem with Mathias, MDC? cause definitely looks like you’re having…

  34. Oh dear lord, I’m actually glad that Mathias is not number 1 anymore. The only reason I brought him up (like I said in my posting above) is because it highlights the absurdity of these rankings. MDC had him number 1 FOREVER and now he is not even listed. (Which I’m perfectly fine with him not being listed at all, I don’t care; he was always overrated anyway.) BUT number 1 one week, then not even top 50 next week shows the arbitrary nature of the rankings.

    Everyone knows these rankings are idiotic.

  35. People who are commenting cannot be paying much attention to what is going on.

    Firstly, Mathias Lauridsen is a much better model than Baptiste. removed him from the Top 50 models list because he had become too big for this list. Instead, he now features on the Top 10 Icons Male list. This list is much more prestigious. Lauriden is also the YOUNGEST person on this list. (MDC clearly explains the following on their website. It wouldn’t hurt people to read the website before they jump to conclusions!)

    Baptiste can never hope to get here.

    Watch the YouTube video. Baptiste is handsome, but there are a lot of handsome guys out there. His facial expressions and poses are ridiculous. He looks like your typical college frat boy trying to look hot. Lauridsen and O’Pry have character and class.

    The only thing ridiculous about this is it shows the absurd and inordinate influence Karl Lagerfeld has on the fashion world. Baptiste’s career so far? Fendi, Chanel, and KL (all designed by, surprise, Karl Lagerfeld). Lagerfeld should retire, but he’s not going to go out graciously. He’s going to keep shoving his boring designs on us for the next decade at least.

    It is actually a curse for Baptiste. He’ll never have a varied portfolio — the way O’Pry, Lauridsen, and Cole Mohr have — because Lagerfeld is so protective of his new toyboys.

  36. Guys Mathias is now on the Top 10 Male Icon list :) I really miss Mathias being number one. I would come here to check once in a while and would always see Mathias still holding the number one position.I kinda got used to that and it feels weird seeing this new face. Mathias is forever number in my heart, though. No list can change that fact. I could understand O’Pry or Gorden being number one but just not his one. Mathias is inspiring! Nico is right Mathias made fashion more interesting:)and without him having the title it’s not awesome no more. It’s kinda discouraging to other models in some ways.Many worked so hard but still don’t get recognized :( Now because of this, this ranking thing is not cool no more-.- I see MunichMarty :-) the biggest Mathias fan! I check him out on Bellazon every once in a while:)

    I’m a person. I’m a person with my own opinions. I’m a person with opinions that may be similar to others but I’m not the same person :)

  37. John Baker, you couldn’t say it better!!!!! 100% true.

    In other words…..Baptiste would be nothing more than another handsomeif it wasn’t for Karl Lagerfeld.

  38. I love you Gustavo!!! (Way up @ the top.) I so agree with you. And with that being said, the #1 spot on MDC Top 50 Male Model Ranking should be Mr. Sean Opry. For the last four seasons, Sean Opry has had multiple campaigns, and a major mens fashion-glossy front, (or cover) for each. In the past two years(Just to mention a FEW.); Giorgio Armani 2x, Joop 2x, Calvin Klein Collection, Dsquared, Trussardi, has been on the covers of Numero Homme, GQ Style Russia, and has the editorial cred to rival any of the top working girl. (Well almost.) He deserves to be #1. Now dont get me wrong, I think being Karl Lagerfelds ‘muse’ gets you brownie points, and Baptiste Giabiconi’s editorial record is A1, but you should have to work for the title of #1. Longevity is key to becoming a legendary, to the making of a real icon. Sean is well on his way to being just that in the male fashion world(the proof is there). Even with Karl Lagerfelds as a foundation, and his editorial credibility is very strong

  39. (cont.) I don’t think he has met the prerequisites for landing such a coveted spot. If I worked at MDC (call me Betty or Janelle), based on past AND present impact (ad campaigns, HIGH FASHION magazine covers, editorials, runway appearances) I would rank the top 5 as follow:
    1 Mr. Sean Opry (see above)
    2 Baptiste Giabiconi
    3 Jon Kortajarena (Tom Ford 4x)
    4 Simon Nessman (Givenchy 3x)
    5 Jamie Dornan (current Calvin Klein ‘it’ guy, followed by Armani)

    PS…….I totally get your logic John Baker.

  40. People, don’t get mad at him for being the new# 1! he did not choose, did, so just get over the fact that he is the new # 1. And plus Matthias took a long break probably why he is not on the list anymore!

  41. Well Baptiste is ok….But I don’t think he can measure with Mathias Lauridsen…He is something the best that ever happend to modeling world…I respect all guys in here,but Mathias is Mathias…Man I also like to call ART!!!

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