1. This would be a lot sexier if she was actually sexy, but I guess that’s what sets high fashion apart from erotic art.

  2. She looks absolutely stunning. That face and make-up… Whoa!
    The face reminds me of something specific but I can’t put my finger on it..

  3. Hopefully there’s creative shots of the plus size models like this, rather than just the plain grey background. Those shots by Solve were looking a little ANTM.

  4. this is not sexy
    she is not attractive
    i’m disappointed
    they could have taken this ALOT farther
    i get that it doesn’t have to be trashy, but if you’re going for naked go more for something in steven klein’s style…thats still sexy without being erotic or porno-ish

  5. great location…funny sexy styling..pathetic pix… she s so amazing n here she look so avarege n not intereting at all

  6. I
    m confused by this whole editorial. Is she supposed to look sexy? Perhpas I have to get my eyes examined, but she is not a sexy looking model.

  7. Can someone please explain to me why nipple is the new black?

    There is nothing at all creative about this. It’s an excuse to have a boyish looking model naked. Lame.

  8. the pix are great but its nothing new in fact if memory serves me right steven meisel did a spread like this for W a few years back much better sorry this falls short ways short…

  9. photography, fashion, make-up etc are arts. art doesn’t exist for masturbation. be beautiful and sexy isn’t the goal!!!
    sometimes “fashion’s” (or models’…) lovers should try to say something else than “that’s hot”

    i think Iris is amazing.
    i love these pictures, their color, they are creative.
    when i watch her i have the feeling i see old plastic androgyn models in clothes shop… as for one day, the model was alive. it walked in the streets, discovered the world

    it’s very Ziggy Stardust with his spiders from mars… :p

    i love it.

  10. Why does everything have to be sexy? What is some of your definitions of sexy? Iris is pretty darn sexy to me!! Understated sex appeal trumps all in my book. This isn’t Victoria’s Secret!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love this sexy model, one can hardly control himself. My uncountable kisses and love for her.

  13. When I saw the frist pic i thought it was a man..
    I am disapointed. =/

  14. So, for their size issue, they showcase plus sized models (which I applaud) next to a girl who looks like a teenage boy?


    And BTW- this is NOT great fashion photography, modeling, styling, ect. It’s a pathetic excuse for fashion.


  15. I actually liked this, i think iris’s look stopped this shoot being sleazy.

  16. Wow what a waste. This looks like a bad Brazil test with slightly better styling. Newsflash, taking your clothes off doesn’t set you apart anymore since EVERYONE ELSE will too.

  17. That shot seems hot and beautiful to men but women don’t like it……

  18. Hellloooo fashion spectators, I don’t believe there was any concept applied to it besides “Public Nudity”.Helllooo first photo, am I noticing a tribute to Saint Laurent?

    And the last photo, she actually isn’t exposing her areola or her bush, and she’s INSIDE? Not to mention the lighting is different.

    Bravo Faena!

  19. Ive never been a big fan of Iris but this story and her confidence and poise is so provocative! Love it! In your face USA lol
    Keep pushing! Off to Barcelona now!

  20. i liked the graffiti in the background – “Rock n Roll” and the woman – a bit different than the gang tagging that is usually seen in the states.

  21. The styling of this is soooo awesome!

    Your Photo drew me in to look, captured my imagination, your talent blew me away…well done…you should be very proud…thanks for sharing your art .

  22. @Nicole – hypocritical? How is is hypocritical to have different sizes in a size issue?

    Small is a size, I’m afraid honey. And plenty of us are naturally small and we deserve to be celebrated as well.

    So I don’t appreciate you saying I have the body of a teenage boy any more than you’d appreciate being called a whale.

    I’m not, just to clarify, calling you a whale – I’m all for size diversity.

    You just need to stop hating on anyone who is thin, because that makes YOU the hypocrite.

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