The Ford Finals


Ford Models‘ Supermodel of the World Contest, US winner, Olivia from Seattle. (promo images courtesy of Ford)

MDC popped by the Ford Supermodel of the World contest (the US finals) and spent a fun filled afternoon with the wonderful Ford team. We watched as 250+ hopefuls marched in and out of the W Hotel aiming to represent the US for the eventual worldwide finals taking place in January in Brazil. While the eventual US winner, Olivia, would come out of the Ford LA contest, there were quite a few lovely young ladies that caught the eye of the discerning NY Ford team. For pictures of the event and some interviews with some of Ford’s finest, check out MDC’s exclusive coverage below the cards.






All behind the scenes images and videos, below, Betty for MDC.

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Ford agent Aaron Newbill talks about what they look for at their searches.

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Ford Model Emily Senko is every inch the professional and gracious model.


Ford scout Melissa being interviewed.


The agents meet a hopeful.


Hyoni Kang the 2008 winner.


Some of the hopefuls meet and get autographs from the Ford models.


We catch Hyoni alone for a quick snap.


Ford agent Paulo is one of the nicest.


The fresh faced Ivy from Buffalo, New York is tres gamine!


Against the Ford background.


Daisy from NJ on camera.


We adored this brother and sister, Caitlin and Zach King from Brooklyn, NY.


Molly from Texas


Paige from Staten Island is very old school supermodel.


Ford co-directors Michele P. and Caroline P.


Looking at all the great girls.


The final edit.

  1. Hey my darling, anniecleves, what if I am?

    They just don’t look like they fit in with Magdelena, Lily, Jessica, Natalia, Lara, Natasha, Imogene, Skye, Jac.

    That’s what I mean about none of these girls have it.
    Sorry, you’ve gotta have tough skin in this business darlings.
    And you cannot deny that.

    And I am only one opinion out of the many here, why the hell would my comment matter? Brush it aside then!

    I speak the truth, regardless of how harsh it sounds, best way to deal, suck it up, buttercup.

    Only Ivy and Kate have sort of the look.

  2. molly is gorgeous but looks too ‘pose-y’ in the pictures.

    Ivy has the chic look and a totally fresh face, gorgeous skin and bright face.

    All the girls should work on facial expressions, not saying you don’t have good ones already.

  3. what has happened to the rest of these girls. I know about Olivia but what is it that the others are doing?

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