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The Victoria’s Secret fashion show was a whirlwind of excitement but what was it like for the girls behind the scenes? MDC heads backstage and catches up with the VS beauties to find out what it is like to work for the iconic brand and to wear those signature over the top VS costumes!

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Doutzen Kroes says hello to, exclusive Doutzen video thanks to Fred at DNA models.

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Rosie Huntington Whiteley explains what it is like to work for a brand as iconic as VS.

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Eniko Mihalik shares her pre-show jitters.

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Chanel Iman is a part of the VS family.

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Adorable VS first timers Dorothea Barth Jorgensen and Anastasia Kuznetsova.

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Anja Rubik is excited for the Black Eyed Peas performance.

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Lyndsey Scott VS first timer, discovered at

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Also view Betty’s VS backstage photos here

  1. Yes CHANEL! Chanel is gorgeous! I’m so glad to see her at VS! She is such a stunner!

  2. i love rosie but she seems so – i don’t know .. distant here.
    too barbie-doll like ..

  3. Are there any asian models. If not they should get on that. Would love to see Liu Wen.

  4. i would love to see liu wen too but that girl’s got no curves. liu wen is really the It girl when it comes to runway. hopefully she’s sex it up for herself and land herself a VS next year.

  5. hey LD liu wen’s in this year’s show. omggggggg MAJOR is this the first time there’s an asian girl walking for VS? and to top if off, it’s everyone’s favourite IT girl for the runway. love liu. she’s so editorial can’twait to see what she’ll do.

  6. Rosie Huntington Whiteley Is the Most Beutiful girls i ever seen in my life, Is Perfect, the Best

  7. anja is not just beautiful but also smart and funny
    what can be more sexy han intelligent woman
    i’m in love

  8. Doutzen is so beautiful -truly the face of an angel. If Disney ever casts a true life version of Cinderella, she’d be the perfect choice! Breath taking.

  9. @alvin > i think the first asian(s) to appear on victoria’s secret show were caroline rebiero and ujwala raut.but still im happy for liu wen for being part of the show, i just love her.

  10. @ Stella Ujwala is from India. Are people from India considered Asian? Also, I think Caroline is form Brazil.

  11. yes LD > there are different faces of asians. there’s the subcontinental indians(indians, pakistanis, sri lankans), the noertheastern asians (chinese,koreans,japanese), the malayo-polynesians(malays, indons, filipinos) etc.
    and yes, caroline rebiero is from brazil and she’s asian (partly i guess). she does’nt look white nor black to me.

  12. yes LD, indians are also asians. and also caroline rebiero is asian from brasil.

  13. Anastassia can morph from an editorial girl to a sexy stunner in an unbelievalbe way. I love this girl. GO ANASTASSIA!

  14. Chanel Iman is black and asian <3 her.
    I discovered Lyndsey today, WOW!!
    VS Models are stunning, all my fav models have walked for VS, I love them & wana walk 4 them!!!
    Rosie is stunning, she sounds very English.

  15. Anika and Rosie are so stunning they are so lucky to be part of such a fabulous industry such as Victoria’s secret good look girlys

  16. er… i the only one who’s dissapointed in this year’s line ups? Chanel Iaman for VS??? @@~ and some of the gals are way too skinny for VS, liu wen, are you kidding me??? yes she’s cool for runway, but come on! she’s obviously not a VS models, the long torso, bowed leggs and super waif……there’re loads of hot Asian models with curves, can’t they go east and pick one? very dissapointed, other than the few contract gals, i think all others look so similar. and those blow kissse are just so passsst, can anyone please tell them to stop doing that? so cheap! isn’t the whole point of the show is to bring VS to a high fashion image???

  17. I shot this model lyndsey 2 years ago , she is an amazing girl . Great spirit !! So glad she is doing so well !!

  18. @angel_demon

    Actually, VS is a commercial brand, so the show must be a big production to appeal to the masses. The kiss blowing, finger pointing, smiling, haming it up, etc., is all for commercial appeal. I do agree with you about some of the choices. Call me old fashioned, but I want to see curves (REAL curves, like Tyra, Selita, Yasmeen, Karolina, Adriana, Heidi, etc.) at a show like this.

  19. @yeahman

    i’m shocked they’d rather use super waifs like chanel&liu (i do like them as runway models) instead of lovely curvy gals like Catherine Mcnile & Lara Stone for example! they got different looks to other typical ‘angels’ which i think will inject some more energy into the show. no offense to Liu wen, let’s not get into race issue, i’m all for culture diversity, however that body is just a no-no for VS, and it’s obvious they put those metal thing to cover her so ppl can distract away from her flat front&back. seems VS just so desprate to get an Asian model they didn’t put any effort into it than picking one randomly. even i know a couple of curvy Asian models who got sticks from high fashion companies since they’re not stick thin eough, but then even companies like VS don’t give them a chance, it’s a shame! my Asian freinds (non models) were rather pissed actually since they think using Liu makes western ppl think Asian gals are not sexy, in fact a lot of them are! so VS is failed to impress the Asian community i’m afraid….@@~



  21. Rosie is a GODDESS ! So much beauty for just one young lady, its unreal ! o_O
    Anastasia and Eniko have very much the same smile and look despite Anastia having a longer face and look. It would have been very interesting to itw them side by side. Eniko is a lot moe prettier than her twin sister Anastasia !

  22. The show was pretty good. Sessillee was fantastic indeed. I liked Liu Wen..I thought Chanel’s face looked great as per usual though she was rather thin.. I’ve got to give it to Abby Lee though..Her move on the runway during the BEP performance really did it for me and I’m not a fan of hers..

    Lindsay Scott is so delightful, Anja, Doutzen (those hips don’t lie) Kroes, Aminata, all wonderful! And let’s hear it for Fergie..gettin’ her VS walk on. Those legs are to die for.

    And Isabeli….need I say more!

  23. el rostro de doutzen kroes es perfecto, esta perfectamente proporcionado y sigue todas las reglas de belleza

  24. For me the most beautiful Model is Dorothea Barth Jorgensen at that time.

    She is very natural, great personality and sometimes she even seems to be a little bit shy. But that gives her that certain something.

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