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Kelly Moreira/Ford Models,Elite.  Images courtesy of Ford NY.

Kelly from France, the 18 year old beauty who walked the Spring 10 boards for YSL, Lanvin and Dries van Noten just arrived in New York to a crackling buzz. For those first adopters who like to brand a girl first, here’s a heads up: Kelly’s FW 10 season debut New York season is set to be immaculate. Stand by!

  1. Fantastic…another beautifull black girl destined for a great career….
    Looking forward to what she will be doing….

  2. Wow! (3rd person 2 say it but that’s the initial reaction)
    I’m trying to find more pictures of her, she’s so stunning!
    & I want my hair 2 be like that headshot when I take my weave out and my shaven bit grows!

  3. I think she is very beauitful woman of color but what I dont like is her hair the modeling world seems to put black women in those Afro’s there is no black women walking around with there hair like that I think if they gave her beauitful long hair she would be even more beauitful!

  4. i agree with the above she is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, but why not give her beautiful long locks like all the other models?

  5. Why not give her hair like “all the other models”…and become boring and another number in the pile of models in the world. You guys must live under a rock and have never been to NYC..there are several girls and women walking around with afro’s..maybe not huge 70’s ones but none the less their au natural beautiful hair, which is very stylish and sets her apart from the others..Gosh people..all this conformity…are we all just sheep?! lol..i may be a sheep too at times, but I’m a black pun intended! :o)

  6. She’s stunning! Talk about melt in your mouth skin! And her hair is beautiful! and like it or not, spectacular she is. There is something ethereal about her…and she captures that long lost, seldom seen mystique that oh so many lack.

    Here’s to the hope of a megawatt beauty contract in due time!

  7. I think afros are aweomse, and a cultural nessecity, and I appreciate Mack’s intelligent sentiment that not all models have to look the same (The Gisele look) but I think on this particular model, long hair would be better…some extensions, something. She has legs for miles, and with long legs really would look great.

  8. She’s beautiful, and her hair is beautiful. Why should she wear a long fake weave to fit in with eurocentric standards of beauty? The two moronic comments above represent everything wrong with the fashion industry, which still can’t seem to wrap it’s brain around black beauty. Ugh

  9. I am not saying her hair isnt beauitful I am just just there are many beauitful hair styles that they can chose for her they all ways tend to give women of color these big afro’s I think she is very beauitful I think they can give women of color more looks and new styles to give them that extra it factor!

  10. As a model…it’s inevitable that she will don a series of different hairstyles, especially now that we’re beginning to see more models of color. The image is from FORD and it’s showcasing her as she is. It’s not an editorial/campaign.

  11. @TheColor besides Kelly wearing her hair straight the editorial modeling industry would not go for a model wearing any other natural style but an Afro

    There are styles like flat twists, senegalese twists, two-strand twist & cornrows they are beautiful styles but they take time to get done and I agree with Nigel S but I think that she may don her Afro a lot

    Look at Rose Cordero, the only time you saw her hair straightened was during the shows

  12. what’s wrong with her having her natural hair just like all the other european models are allowed to have theirs? saying that longer locks would make her more gorgeous is just ignorance; it sounds really shallow and sad. VIVA THE AFRO!! VIVA BEING NATURAL!!

    i agree with michael; those two comments before him?? ewwwwwwww!!

  13. So many wonderful comments. Thank you. However the ignorant ones, shame on you. What exactly do you mean when you say ” why do they have to do her hair like that? ” Are you from Mars. Her hair grows out of her head that way. Do you feel that natural afro is not gorgeous. You are insane This is the way natural hair grows out of the heads of many women of color and I love it. I am Haitian and get compliments all the time.

    Reality check! We have been enslaved for too long with this eurocentric standard of beauty All women are beautiful and should feel free to express their natural given beauty should they choose to do so.



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