Top 10 Newcomer SS 10: Jacquelyn Jablonski


Jacquelyn Jablonski/Ford Models Image courtesy of Ford NYC

Score one for All-American beauty as Ford’s Jacquelyn Jablonski continues her sensational streak across the SS10 show season. Jacquelyn racked up a slew of cool emerging designer shows in NYC as well as earning berths in the BCBG and Marc by Marc line-up. After Prada in Milan and Balenciaga in Paris all very directional eyes are now swinging towards this girl as she swings into the season’s homestretch. Jacquelyn has of course already proven her on-camera worth via edits in V magazine and a CK Jeans POS booking that bodes very well for her future.

  1. I have fallen in love with this young woman (not literally ofcourse). I was just saying to a friend last week that Constance Jablonksi has been put on notice, after seeing her work the runway this season. Yay for the A-team! She’s absolutely stunning!

    Anna de Rijk seems like she may gain a bit fury as well.

    Karolin Wolter was divine!

    Another dark haired stunner is Tati Cotliar who I believe only walked in the Burberry Prorsum show but apparently has been around for a little while.

  2. She has such a snobby, blue-blood presence. There is something very Jackie O. about her. Without a doubt one of my favorite girls of the season. I see MANY great prospects in her future :)!

  3. All American? With a name like Jacquelyn Jablonski?
    She is pretty. Good bod?
    I hope modelling doesn’t fuck up her head.

  4. She is beautiful, like a cheaper choice of booking for that Hillary Rhoda-like look! Just give the girls some years and lets see how she develops!

  5. @ Vavavinny, I think the “snob” factor is more wishful than reality. An inherently blue-blooded but rebelious, anti-snob woman from the Late-Victorian era who gets rough and tumble with the boys is more like it.

    @ The Mook, where do you live? Just about every anglo surname in America is of European decent.. Including Jablonski.

    In addition, Lyndsey Scott is making sure that her own face goes unforgotten. Yay for her!

  6. she is very pretty but indistinctive, only time will tell if we will still remember next season

  7. WOW……!!!She really has what it takes,to become a top model in a near
    future…with absolutely no doubdt..!!
    LUIGI VALCARCEL /advertising & fashion pro photgrapher

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