Vogue Hommes Japan – Preview Day 3

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | September 6th, 2012

Vogue Hommes Japan – Day 3

Fashion comes alive in Santiago and Mauricio’s animated take on menswear’s trends as styled by Shun Watanabe. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if your editorials could take on a life of their own, this is your lucky day! Experience it all in Day 3 of our exclusive preview of Vogue Hommes Japan – only in MDX.

Photography and animation by Santiago & Mauricio Sierra
Style by Shun Watanabe
Hair by Diego Da Silva

See Day 1 of the Vogue Hommes Japan preview here
See Day 2 of the Vogue Hommes Japan preview here


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11 Comments to “Vogue Hommes Japan – Preview Day 3”

  1. Bertrand says:

    this is FEROCIOUS and outstanding!!! The styling is beyond superb and the models’ casting is perfection!!! Thiiiiiiiis, this is The Vogue Hommmes Japan I fell in love with, with the first 7 issues (didn’t buy the 8th one) this is amazing!!! Love that Miles is part of the cast!!! Can’t believe also that the name of Francis Bacon appeared in the video preview of day 2 when I’m studying his name for my thesis héhé, life is funny sometimes 😉 can’t wait to see the final result!

  2. Ryo says:

    This is so creative!

  3. GP says:

    it woul be awesome if the images can move on the print:)

  4. amanda says:

    if all magazines go digital for good sometime in the (near?) future, i hope every editorial looks like this!

  5. Betty says:

    Hey all,

    If you are viewing this in Safari, some of the content gets buggy and does not load. Head on over to Chrome to see the rest of the post after Corey’s GIFS.


  6. Johnathan says:

    Looks like a copy of Reed and Rader.

  7. Heather says:

    @ Johnathan
    I have seen the work of Reed and Rader and it has no comparison to the work of Santiago and Mauricio.
    The work of R&R looks very simple in technique, this is so much more appealing in my opinion, Im a big fan of Santiago and Mauricio check your sources before you post gibberish …

  8. Johnathan says:

    Except that R&R basically did this story years ago. Maybe you should check your fashion gif history 101 Heather.

  9. blair says:

    This looks great, I like it! I like the first one the best.

    Just throwing my two cents about the S&M and R&R debate. I love both of them, but they’re totally different and hard to compare. S&M are really good fashion photographers and that’s their focus, beautiful models and beautiful clothes, they’re good at that. R&R do fashion, but they do other things too, I see them more as a gallery artist than a fashion photographer. Although when they do fashion they do usually tend to make me smile.