Posted by Stephan Moskovic | August 7th, 2012


A film by Santiago & Mauricio
Starring Ginta Lapina / Women NY
All fashion by Azzedine Alaia
Fashion Director Morgan Hamada Ruiz

Directors Santiago and Mauricio take Ginta Lapina into a whole new world of fashion, fantasy and over the top Azzedine Alaïa extravagance; welcome to a sartorial experience with cinematic flair! Ishiko merges the larger than life feel of an anime classic, with some of the most exquisite designs imaginable. In just a few minutes, S&M create an engrossing heroine and a thrilling universe that will leave you wanting more. Take a look at this one of a kind creation, presented by and now playing at a theater desktop near you.

Produced by Cesar Leon
Make up by Chiho Omae
Hair by Shin Arima
Executive producer Neil Cooper at Cadence New York

Music: DyE / Fantasy (Tigersushi Records)
BE A FAN ! DyE’s Facebook page

Music supervisor Mimi Xu at Streeters

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31 Comments to “Ishiko”

  1. Robert says:

    Well this was interesting. I really liked it! I’ve never seen a concept like this before.

  2. margaret says:

    Finally, a well thought out, fresh and modern short fashion film!

  3. I don’t approve videos/concepts that glorify “suicide” as a theme


  4. Rony says:

    That was certainly different and interesting for a fashion short.
    I’m not sure I understand the concept though, unless there is no real concept.
    It just seems like a lot of production to go into a video that won’t be making any money. Unless the Alaïa team paid or financed them to make the film and use it as an advertisement.

  5. Lisa says:

    @Rony- Maybe Santiago and Mauricio are hoping to become the industry leaders of fashion film/commercials. There aren’t many fashion/beauty commercials these days compared to the 80s and 90s. I’ve not sure if it due to it being too expensive to produce compared to the sales pay off, or if people just grew tired of them.

  6. Lisa says:

    Where did Rony’s comment go? Did I reply to a ghost? It’s interesting to see others thoughts on the current state and future of fashion videos. 🙁

  7. KLOSS LONDON says:

    LOVE IT!! Didn’t want it to end

  8. José López says:


  9. radouane says:

    quite a concept .. cool..
    but i agree with eduardo..quite suicidal..
    so a bit tricky here..
    at the other end..its what you expect..but it looks like she is STRONG.. the overall look! wicked!

  10. Christopher says:

    I watch I loved it..
    Great Work Great FEELING!

  11. ricardo says:

    Very anime, so cool

  12. Michael says:

    Super Dope! These guys are taking fashion imagery to another level.

  13. Khayerei says:

    I like it, It’s nice. I don’t see it as suicidal though, In an anime perspective, I see Strength at the same time Coldness or in search of feeling and finding that feeling into a whole new level- adrenaline rush Transformation :))

    this kinda reminds me of the anime shakugan no shana

  14. Anderson says:

    Woah! That was so cool, everything was perfect from the styling to the music. I wish it was longer!

  15. Rony says:

    @Lisa- I work in the fashion photography business so I know a bit about the industry. You don’t get paid much (sometimes nothing at all) for video but maybe the tied will be turning.

  16. Anne says:

    It’s amazing. I think the suicide means “the reborn”. As the name of this film, 冷酷 な心, she becomes stronger.

  17. Lisa says:

    @Rony- I think the tide is turing, especially with work like this. People are standing up and taking attention.

  18. Love this video and Ginta looks incredible. Wonderful imagery and concept.

  19. vinny says:

    Watch the music video of this song haha you won’t regret it

  20. Hugo says:

    Now i want a live-action staring Ginta ^_^

  21. Qonie says:

    she’s so stunning&absolutely gorgeous. i <3 u so much Ginta Lapina <3 <3 xxo

  22. johnny lexington says:

    ginta is the best surprised you ranked her so low on the top 50.

  23. Sanee says:

    This is just what I’ve wanted. Love the atmosphere so very much.

  24. equalitee says:

    would’ve loved to see a Japanese girl. I don’t understand why the Japanese glorify the blonde so much… its weird. concepts cool though.

  25. Atlantschka says:

    i didnt saw any beautiful vid. than this. omg this is so unbelievible!!!


    cant stop watch this!
    great music, great ginta, great director.


  26. Effy says:

    Beautiful <3
    Great !

  27. Benge says:

    does anyone know what the girl says at the beginning? i’ve been watching this video for months now, and i’m dying to know!