The Society New York

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | March 18th, 2013


The Society New York

After months of whispers and rumors, the much anticipated arrival of The Society Management is finally here, and we have the first look in this special sponsored presentation. Defying the traditionally defined parameters of a model management agency, this new addition to New York City will collaborate with an array of creative teams from the fields of arts & culture to produce original content – all in addition to managing the diverse careers of its talents. With the concept of beauty in motion in tow, Santiago & Mauricio are the first team up to bat, showcasing part of The Society Management’s debuting roster through their unique vision.

Stay tuned for Wednesday, March 20th as The Society officially launches their website as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. (Launching Wednesday March 20th)

The Society on:

The Society Management profile

Portraits in motion by Santiago & Mauricio Sierra (Cadence New York)

Cora Emmanuel
Manuela Frey
Pauline Hoarau
Ming Xi
Lieve Dannau
Mackenzie Drazan
Josephine Le Tutour
Lindsey Wixson
Courtney Shallcross
Anastasija Titko
Marine Deleeuw
Sigrid Agren

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38 Comments to “The Society New York”

  1. Romain says:

    I clearly understand the concept of the Secret Society!!

  2. CALEB says:


  3. Gordon says:

    Wow, Liah and Nadine, the two without last names are the most fascinating to me. Can’t wait to know who they are.

  4. Jean Mi says:

    Beyond cool.

  5. Whalen B. says:

    I feel like I’m in Harry Potter’s world, I love everything about this!! Gorgeous collaboration and execution 😀

  6. cody says:

    the future.

  7. I love these as stills..BEAUTIFUL selection of girl!!!……You gotta love Courtney and Marine. Only thing thats seems off is that they all look like they are about to sneeze or just finished sneezing. Other than that AMAZING!!!

  8. ash says:

    AMAZING!!! This agency has some of the most incredible and strongest talents working at the booking table.

  9. rowan says:

    Nadine Martin/Martina from Argentina and LIah Cecchellero

  10. rowan says:

    ash do you work there?

  11. Flora says:

    amazing captures! Hopefully things go well with Sigrid there!

  12. ash says:

    Rowan– actually, no I don’t. I’m just excited to see some really great bookers come together

  13. joseeim says:

    ¡Pasadooooooo! Ming Xi takes my breath away…

  14. Nina says:

    am i the only one bored with lindsey expression? i see the same expression in all her shoots

  15. Daria says:

    amazing! that’s how agent’s should represent models ! so awesome! i wanna leave my agency and go there ! wow all the girls are looks like queens ! love it

  16. as says:

    sigrid is amazing!!!

  17. Brandon says:

    Mckenzie, Cora and Ming!!!! Who run the world (in a Beyonce voice) The Society!!!

  18. Gio says:

    Truly Amazing!!!

  19. mel says:

    People have been whispering about this agency for months and it has been worth the wait! The entire board is top notch! Very impressive! Lindsey is a tremendous talent and my all time fave!

  20. evr says:

    Cora! Lindsey! Ming!

  21. Erin says:

    Those gifs are super creepy and awkward!!! But I kind of like them just for that reason.

  22. Marcus Wattz says:

    Simply amazing! Love the creative push and out-of-the-box concept! Taking it to the next level indeed!!

  23. Morgane says:

    Interesting and creative ! Kind of fun too.

  24. laser says:

    Excited about this agency, and the gifs are beautiful too.

    Ming, Paulina, Cora, Mackenzie, Courtney… AND IN THAT ORDER!

  25. laser says:

    ooops… Pauline not Paulina :-7

  26. As the owner of a modelling agency here in Australia ( i fully appreciate the concept and am loving Society.

  27. Pangilla says:

    I give them props for trying to be innovative but it is a distraction and gets boring and doesn’t really do anything. I think model agencies should get back to basics and get back on the phone – THAT’S how to get models work.

  28. C. says:

    wow! Marilhéa seems to be the next modeling sensation!
    Exciting presentation and agency!!!

  29. ebencipe says:

    I’ve been waiting for the launch of their website for a very long time.. I wonder why ELITE Paris did not just restored their partnership with ELITE NY??

  30. Bruno Maric says:

    Good luck to all! See you guys soon.

  31. @ Stephen Bucknall, I just saw a link on your website that offers an ‘opportunity’ of being “Model for a Day”
    ‘Model For day’at just $2400. Nice one dude, Really reputable (not a scam is it?)- do you also charge a joining fee or fee’s for an in house photographer to shoot a ‘portfolio’??

  32. Nikisha says:

    They need to sign me. NOW.

  33. tito says:

    viva chile ! Lieve dannau

  34. Maar says:

    omg. amazing!!!!!!! pauline. breaks my heart so soft, pretty and somehow vulnerable, MARINE <3 i am in love with that girl <3 <3 <3

  35. JAMES FARIS says:


  36. nyiau says:

    Si Ming Xi gnya lawa eh :p

  37. juan carloooos says: