Sui He’s chic

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 13th, 2012

Sui He’s chic

Experience the breakneck pace of fashion week from the model perspective! KlossLondon follows the stunning Sui He to castings, fittings and all those incredible shows, documenting the fun, the fashion and all the fabulousness – see the exclusive video only in MDX.

A video by Kloss London
Music: Ben NCM
Featuring Lane Crawford campaign face Sui He

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16 Comments to “Sui He’s chic”

  1. Giannie says:

    love it. we should see more of her

  2. ray says:

    one of my fav of chinese models. BIG LUV!

  3. poo says:

    She’s so perfect. And nice to see how confident she is now.

  4. model watcher says:

    STAR !!!!

  5. Ling says:

    There is no stopping this girl !! LOVE Sui He.

  6. joe says:

    she is so beautiful , i wish this video was longer

  7. Giannie says:

    Joe..thats a good thing..normally im wishing some videos are shorter! 😉

  8. zoe79 says:

    i love her sunnies.
    cool video

  9. Calrine says:

    i want to see more, can we have a week in the life of

  10. Xavi says:

    Sui He draws you in and keeps you right where she wants you.. stunning.

  11. Snail says:





  12. subnormal magazine says:

    Sui is so lovely…Asian models rock…and great videography here, however the music and editing here is a bit annoying

  13. daddy says:

    what is that fashiontv video? omg i want more of her

  14. tweety says:

    run ming run 🙂

  15. wons says:

    Oh my …. !! Lovely glass ! where can I get that T.T