V 74 Preview – the model issue

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | October 31st, 2011

V has always loved to feature the moment’s hottest catwalkers inside their pages, but for the first time in years fresh faces are truly the stars of the show. With 2011’s top girls headlining the whole issue V74 serves to encapsulate a moment within the industry. It’s been a long while since magazines have embraced models as viable cover options: given the omnipresent images of actresses, musicians and Kardashians on American mags of late, it is refreshing to see a model staring back at you. Candice, Joan, Lindsey, Bambi, Sui He, Daphne, Saskia and Hanaa are the stars of today and the mix of distinctive faces says a lot about the current mood. Now is the time for individuality: gone are the days of cookie cutter girls who couldn’t resonate with the public. The new breed of fashion stars are characterized by their uniqueness.

Presenting an exclusive models.com preview of V 74 / the model issue, with a behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot – shot by Terry Richardson and styled by Carine Roitfeld, a never before seen preview of the new Inez and Vinoodh major retrospective book “Pretty Much Everything” (coming out in December) and the powerhouse feature once again tapping New York’s best agencies with contributions from DNA, Next, Ford, Women, Supreme and IMG showcasing their girls and boys at their most beautiful. View the hot off the press images – only in MDX.

V 74 will be on newsstands November 8 2011 – for more V please go to www.vmagazine.com or on Twitter @vmagazine

There is no formula. You just know when you see her. It's like falling in love. - Carine Roitfeld on discovering models

Photography: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin
Styling: Melanie Ward

For more visit: inezandvinoodh.com
and follow Inez & Vinoodh on Twitter: @inezandvinoodh and on Tumblr: inezandvinoodh.tumblr.com

Art direction Paul Rowland, Photography Salvatore Morale, Illustration Sissel Kardel

Photography Alex Cayley, Styling Maher Jridi

Photography Terry Richardson

Photography Knoepfel & Indlekofer, Styling Deborah Afshani

Photography Tommy Ton, Art direction Jason Duzansky, Still life photography Jarren Vink

Photography Terry Richardson

Photography Catherine Servel, Styling Roxane Danset

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39 Comments to “V 74 Preview – the model issue”

  1. Not on the guest list says:

    The Candice girl a top model? OOOOOOOOOOK and I’m the president of the U.S. The only positive thing would be that Arizone Muse did NOT appear, instead of Candice I would put Tati or Zuzanna.Glad to see Carla G. on that editorial

  2. Lily says:

    Seriously, what’s with all the bare breasts?

  3. TeeVanity says:

    Best issue Ever!!!!!! Kudos models!!!!

  4. poof says:

    Oh Lawdy I would not want to share a photo with La Linda Evangelista. She owns.

  5. Allure says:

    I’m a huge fan of Vlada’s. And to all respect to her, I wonder why this girl is’nt on top with the rest who she started with or even after her (arizona not all that, bad walk) It saddens me that she’s been more successful on the catwalk than editorials or mainstream ad campaigns. PLEASE open your eyes FASHIONWORLD, don’t let this model go to waste, and don’t just use her for the runway,(even though her walk is one of th BEST). Atleast let her open more shows if this is the fricken case!! Love you Vlada πŸ™‚ You have many admiring fans out there, that always has good thoughts with you and hope ppl will give this girl a daamn campaign. Bless Vlada aka Elena xo

  6. GP says:

    The best model issue ever!! Linda looks like the owner of DNA management.
    Those Ford girls are like porn casting.


  8. e says:

    DOUTZEN <3

  9. gurlbye says:

    Candice is not a powerhouse. Without VS she would be nowhere.

  10. gartner says:

    I’m glad to see Linda Evangelista.

  11. Shaiden says:

    VLADA thru & thru. give this girl more credit. maybe her doll like look isnt in this season. still she should get more than just Swarovski good campaign but shes better than that. Open your eyes DESIGNERS

  12. NZPARY says:

    Besides, the casting for S/S 2012 in general has been all over the place. It’s one of those seasons where no new face has been able to sweep the season, and the casting for some of the shows has been downright appalling (Versace, anyone?). Maybe, if trends reverse next season, we may be seeing a little more of Vlada, but even otherwise, for a runway model, she’s had a tremendously successful run. She’s been around since 2004. I doubt even some of the most in demand girls like Sigrid or Jacquelyn or Jac (as much I heart all three of them) will be around till 2015 walking 60+ shows even then.

  13. Saute says:

    ^ Agreed. This girl has paid her dues for many years now! Just think she does’nt get the recognition she deserves. Great issue btw πŸ˜‰

  14. Vogue says:

    Of course Candice is a top model. No need to be a high fashion snob when she has the backing of some of the biggest career makers a girl could ever get/want. Meisel,Testino,Wintour now obviously Carine and Terry R,also shoots with Mert&Marcus and I&V.

    Love Linda! always great to see her looking like boss.

  15. Safari Disco Club says:

    Ruby Aldridge is the coolest girl.

  16. J'doorre says:

    Love vlada too x But wheres Olga Sherer? good editorial

  17. Bruno Maric says:

    I welcome The Model Issue with open arms.

  18. Melody says:

    Why isn’t Trump featured? They have some great girls…

  19. nyc3 says:

    funny how b/c my comment was not in favor of this years issue due to the very unnecessary soft porn by some of the agencies, my comments have been taken down. way to allow freedom of speech/opinion, models.com. You’re showing quite the equal partisanship….NOT!

  20. Mark A. Chartrand says:

    Wonderful issue. There is some excellent photography. Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin have presented some truly nice shots. They really show how beautiful the girls are. Any nudity is done tastefully and helps to emphasize what great figures these girls are blessed with. Nicely done.

  21. Joe says:

    It looks as though IMG are so confident that they’re on top that they didn’t even feel that big a need to send many of their girls to this shoot. Yet other agencies have girls in their photo who I’m not even sure still model but did have a moment in fashion at some point {ex, Mackenzie Hamilton at DNA}

  22. Stylebite says:

    This issue should feather model tumblrs & blogs like modelburnbook and amodelanonymous, but overall good issue just lacking new content.

  23. kuklina says:

    Is it really Karolina Kurkova (as credited) on the spread of IMG ? It looks like Dani Seitz to me…

    Sad that NY models, Silent, Wilhelmina or Trump were not included. It was more difficult with Elite NY as the agency is still “under construction”…


  24. Not on the guest list says:

    I wanna write some facts about this whole thing:
    -I think that the topless shots are ok, they are not vulgar, but sometimes is too much boobs and less fashion, but the same problem I have with the male models because they almost always are shot with their shirt off, so soemtimes I got tired

    -It’s kind of sad that Elite is going down and it is not able to recover from the ashes.

    -IMG has one of the most amazing new faces that I have ever seeing, but they put on the great girls, I think IMG should promote more of these girls.

    -Supreme is alive just because of Daphne and Jacquelyn, they should put some effort and try to go back to what they used to be.

    -It was kind of weird for me that Ford did NOT feature some of their men because they really have amazing guys, even though is a women’s magazine.

    -The Women MGMT shots are dissapointing, I mean they have Mariacarla, Natasha and Lea! come on!

    -After I saw the video of the behind the scenes I realized that the models were paired up accordind to what they stand;
    1)Lindsey and Bambi :Under 20
    2)Candice (the “top model”) and Joan: the sexy ones
    3)Daphne and Saskia: the odd beauty
    4)Sui and Hannaa: the exotic girls

    -Vlada is one of the most talked topics in this preview and I must say that I love Vlada but sometimes I can’t figured out who is she as a person, nothing against her, I mean I love her walk but I want her to standout more, you know?

    -Someone reply about my comment about Candice not being a top model saying that every photographer and editor loves her and blah, I have to words for that person: Tati Cotliar, if being love by Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood and Miuccia Prada is nothing, I don’t know what would it be. style and personality, the whole package.Even though I’m kind of sad that the “Argentinean Wave” it’s almost in her ashes, they are still many argentinean who must be on top any time soon.

    -Finally, I would like that Vman does a model issue

  25. Rubiii says:

    Super article!

  26. jeremys says:

    agencies didnt feature powerhouse models. img is the only agency that stuck to powerhouses. other agencies felt it was an opportunity to fit as many models as possible into the editorial. appears a bit desperate

  27. teaatwo says:

    Love candice and Joan. could do without Lindsey and daphne.

  28. Allure says:

    Yes@Not on the guest list says
    Vlada’s personality lacks at times? I think in interviews she comes accross as a nice fun person. And I must admit knowing english is her second language, would think after being in the fashion industry, with all those many diff faces and characters, that her english would’ov really improved by now? I watch her ftv interviews and when she is asked about the designers collection, it seems she cannnot properly describe what it is she thinks on them? Than again many eastern european models are like this? lol Vlada is still one of the best. πŸ™‚ Sad when her time is up and is no longer featured on runways, very sad πŸ™ x

  29. Lila says:

    ITS ALL ABOUT VLADA!!!!!!!!! <3

  30. peterModelObsessed says:

    Don’t hate on Candice! She’s the Hottest and the Biggest Model Right now.

    All the other girls will be forgotten soon, but Candice will have the longest career!

  31. man2man says:

    Vlada b tearin it up in hurrr. yupyuup X

  32. Kim says:

    Linda is looking so good these days!! Would love to see a Models.com interview with her!! πŸ˜‰

  33. Loagan says:

    Maybe i didnt see her but WHERES KASIA!!

  34. Pablo Astorga says:

    Amazing portfolio!


  36. This issue is one of the must have issues of V Magazine. I got my printed issue a week ago and I am so happy to see these great photos of all the models that I enjoy their work. Of course, fantastic photography. I’ve been a V Mag subscriber for several years, and in the past two years I had not been as excited to receive the issue as I am right now. By the way, kudos to Models.com for such a great layout and design with this story.

  37. aleci says:

    Where is Snejana??? HAHA and they could have so much time and money had they just put Gemma Ward. Okay cross out the money. But Most of these models resembles her so much! The fashion Industry obviously hasn’t moved on with her ethereal, alien look. One face to rule them all. GEMMA WARD.

  38. aleci says:

    they could have saved

  39. dominique says:

    maryna and anais in the dna section are too hot