Victoria’s Secret 2011

Posted by janelle | November 10th, 2011

VS angels can’t help but be sexy, the moment the music starts and the lights go on they are there to bring good ol’ fashioned seductiveness back to the runways. Before that all happens though, there is the calm before the storm. The moments when they’re just carefree girls getting ready to do the one show that lets them share their beauty with millions of viewers. For a glimpse at what happens before the wings come on, MDC takes you behind the scenes of the world’s biggest show.

Photos & Video by Billy RoodFig Photos

Casting by John Pfeiffer
Hair by Orlando Pita
Makeup by Tom Pecheux

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81 Comments to “Victoria’s Secret 2011”

  1. Oscar James says:

    Shanina Shaik is an exotic hottie!!

    Bregje, Toni, Jessica Clarke and of course Shanina herself were all welcome additions to the super-cast. Karlie Kloss doesn’t fit in, she’s pretty, but in more of a haute couture circa 1940’s than commercial circa now.

    I wish Abbey Lee Kershaw and Jessica Stam were in the show!! I’m also keen for Ana Beatriz Barros and Bianca Balti to return from their VS hiatus 🙂

    Adriana: always the star, however Candice really stole her thunder this year!

  2. Isabella Mara says:

    If I could pick and choose my victoria’s secret angels the only ones I would keep would be Candice, Doutzen, Behati and Erin. I’d bring back Rosie for sure as she’s got so much sexy left to give and as far as newbies go i’d pick: Maryna Linchuk, Joan Smalls, Jessica Stam, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Constance jablonski. Maybe throw in Liu Wen or Ming Xi for asian expansion.

    Goodbye Adriana and Alessandra, your old news.

    And goodbye Chanel Iman, Lily Aldridge, Lindsay Ellingson and Miranda Kerr, god knows why any of you were hired in the first place.

    Next year Abbey, Jessica, Ana B and Rosie better be there or the show will turn to shit!!

  3. jim says:


  4. Phoenix says:

    Good to see to Chinese girls. And good to see dear Lily!!!!

  5. Aga says:

    I love Anja Rubik. She’s stunning :)! Polish girls the best 🙂

  6. Leah says:

    I gotta agree I miss Abbey, Jessica and Rosie, silly not to bring them back!

  7. Egor says:

    One more angel from STARSYSTEM !
    Congratulations, Ieva !!

  8. Mollie says:

    Victoria’s Secret, if only I was their chief casting director. They really need to throw a new casting director into the mix to spice things up, the cast is getting kind of dry. Obviously all these girls are “pretty” and they’ve got legs up to their armpits and are whippet thin, but are they really VS material?

    In the case of some, yes, they are sexy and ready to rock the runway. But with others they’re either not suited for VS or have been booked and rebooked so many times that it’s just plain boring.

    My ideal Victoria’s secret angel line-up for 2012 would be: Candice, Doutzen, Erin, Behati, Joan, Maryna, Rosie, Brooklyn Decker and Jessica Stam.

    Adriana and Alessandra and Miranda are boring me these days and I was never a fan of Chanel Iman and Lily Aldridge. Lindsay E is cute but not angel material, just book her come showtime.

    I think it’s time to get rid of Alessandra, Miranda and possibly Adriana as well as regulars like KK, Caroline Winberg, Izabel, Isabeli and Julia Stegner and breathe some new life into the show with a clean slate of girls like Sedene Blake, Ginta Lapina, Alejandra Alonso and Clara Alonso, Marloes Horst, Gracie Carvalho and Barbara Palvin.

    DO NOT!! I repeat do not re-book Jacqueline Jablonski, Karlie Kloss, Shannan Click, Chanel Iman or any of those other grotesquely “all-american” anorexics. Also i’ve had enough of Anne V, Karmen Pedaru (even though this was her first year :S), Anja and Flavia. DON’T BOOK ‘EM NEXT YEAR!!

    Past models to bring back (by popular demand) include: Abbey Lee Kershaw, Jessica Stam, Bianca Balti, Ana B, Edita and Gracie.

    In conclusion it wasn’t a TOTAL disappointment this year. Joan Smalls was fantastic, as was Liu and Constance. Funny how those three are also the new faces of Estee Lauder!!

    It was nice to see Cameron, Shanina, Jessica Clarke, Sui He, Anais Mali, Toni and Bregje walk in the show. However they need not become regulars! Keep it fresh and exciting VS!


  9. Jordan O'Dwyer says:


  10. Ellen says:

    VS you have got to be kidding me. You book girls like Karlie, Shannan and Jacqueline yet neglect Jessica Stam, Gracie Carvalho, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Natasha Poly?

    W= What
    T= The


  11. boy says:

    Abbey Lee Kershaw?? Where is she?

  12. Ollie says:

    I miss Abbey!

  13. Kerry says:

    Can anyone tell me who the girl with dark hair in the 4th picture from the top is? (Below the picture of lima and kerr)

    She is stunning.

  14. Victoria says:

    I’m loving Joan smalls and Adriana Lima is my all time favorite. I wish they’d give Gracie Carvalho and Emanuella De paula some more time too. They are so beautiful!!

  15. Josh says:

    @Kerry- that’s Jacquelyn Jablonski 🙂

  16. Keem says:

    Where’s Barbara Palvin?? Rosie?? Jessica Stam?? )’:

  17. Abel Jackson says:

    I miss Abbey Lee Kershaw’s sexy hips swaying down the runway. Why book shit girls like Karlie, Chanel and Jacquelyn over bloody AMAZING models like Abbey, Jessica Stam and Rosie?? Why Victoria’s Scret? Why??

  18. Caroline says:

    Three words: ABBEY LEE KERSHAW.

    One question: WHERE ONE EARTH IS SHE??

  19. Edie says:

    Glad that Maryna, Constance, Joan, Candice, Lily D, Erin, Behati and Lais walked. Where is Abbey and Jessica Stam? 🙁 and Rosie 🙁 miss ’em x

  20. ol says:

    I love Erin and Candice and Behati 🙂 they’re gorgeous.

  21. jane says:

    toni was there!!! she is the most gorgeous girl ever, so happy she made it. hope it will reboost her career xxx

  22. brees says:


  23. Jaymee says:

    OK, none of the VS models have the body like Candice!Whoa-I couldn’t believe how womanly her body is when I first saw her!!! Doutzen has a very pretty face but she looks to stiff on the runway.I think it’s her short neck which makes her look like she has a bad posture….I just don’t see a sex appeal coming from Emily DiDonatto and can’t imagine her replacing Adriana Lima.No way she can fill the shoes of one of the hottest models on the planet.I can imagine IRINA SHAYK rocking those angel wings! Look at her in Sports Illustrated.She oozes sex-appeal in her photo shoots.That’s a perfect lingerie model.Her body is amazing!!!!
    Is VS too blind to see that.I WANNA SEE HER IN YOUR NEXT SHOW!!! She’ll blow everyone away.

  24. Palina says:

    Cameron Russell is gorgeous!! i hope she does more Victoria Secret Shows in the future!!!!!!! 🙂

  25. rub says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  26. john says:

    fuck you all ones who are hating on Karlie, she’s successful and as for you..

  27. YoungBrazl says:

    Achei maravilhoso o casting, mas falta mais sensualidade nas garotas um casting como os de antigamente como em 2003, 2005 e 2006 onde eles selecionavam mulheres mais maduras, hoje as angels estão cada vez mais jovens e são realmente mto magras o que acaba incomodando a que assiste ao show, no mais as peças são muito bem desenhadas e os criadores são maravilhosos. Eu fiz um casting particular que realmente eu queri que fosse o escolhido para ao desfile deste ano, pena que não.

    Emily Didonato
    Irina Shayk
    Ali Stephens
    Aline Weber
    Cinthia Dicker
    Joan Small
    Julia Frauche
    Juliana Martins
    Erin Heatherton
    Bar Refaeli
    Kendra Spears
    Jessica Clarke
    Fernanda Motta
    Renata Kuerten
    Vanessa Damasceno
    Lais Ribeiro
    Lindsay Ellingson
    Anais Mali
    Raica Oliveira
    Barbara Palvin
    Jasmine Tookes
    Emily Baker
    Anais Pouliot for PINK segment
    Shu Pei
    Guisela Rhein
    Karmen Pedaru
    Frida Gustavsson
    Anne V
    Iselin Steiro
    Sigrid Agren
    Sui He
    Doutzen Kroes
    Toni Garn
    Behati Prinslo
    Candice Swanepoel
    Emanuela de Paula
    Edita Vilkeviciute
    Alessandra Ambrósio
    Marcelia Freesz
    Sara Sampaio
    Adriana Lima

    Ieva Leguna

    Elsa Hosk
    Lonneke Engel
    Diana Timofeeva
    Ellie Ross

  28. Cláudia says:

    As Tops Juliana Martins, Raica Oliveira e Cinthia Dicker jamais deveriam ter ficado de fora mesmooo! Elas engrandeceriam com certeza o Espetáculo!!!! Musasss e Divassss..I Love Their!!!

  29. Brazilian Famous Models says:

    We want the Top Juliana Martins already on Victoria’s Secret!!!!

  30. dex says:

    vsfs is a shit without karolina kurkova 🙂