Sui He’s major moment

Posted by | November 26th, 2012

Sui He’s Major Moment

When Sui He was named the face of beauty giant Shiseido back in September it was a major moment. Only the cream of the modeling crop ever get to represent a mega-beauty brand and Sui’s position as the first Chinese face of Shiseido was groundbreaking. As exciting as it all was, there wasn’t yet an image to accompany the news – pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Two month’s later and we’re treated to a special video that takes us inside the world of Shiseido and introduces us to legendary makeup artist Dick Page, their charming new brand ambassador Sui and a world of cool color. Take a look at it here only in MDX.

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25 Comments to “Sui He’s major moment”

  1. valdez809 says:

    wow, she has a perfect skin and amazing features!!!

  2. Peter Maverick says:

    OMGGGG,Sui He is absolutely stunning
    can’t wait for the ad campaign

  3. Kim says:

    This is great news!

  4. Katie says:

    She was always destined to get a cosmetics contract. Beautiful girl.

  5. model watcher says:

    Bravo for Sui He, she is amazing ..

  6. kitkat says:

    yay! finally!

    shiseido is a makeup brand that has great makeup shades for asian skintones and it’s an asian brand. i can’t believe they have never used an asian face in the past before!

  7. Morgane says:

    I loooooove this video! Sui He is just wonderful !

  8. Xavi says:

    Sui He continues her rise to the top ! Great news ..

  9. Joe says:

    Sui is amazing . Shisedo and Sui He are perfect for each other

  10. Onna says:

    Is it ground breaking because she is the first Chinese model representing that company or because she is a Chinese model representing a Japanese company. Still today, China and Japan can be little fussy with each other even though they are close by. Like the movie Memoirs of the Geisha played by Chinese actors, which was never shown in Japan because of that.

  11. Mai says:

    It is groundbreaking because she is an asian model representing the company globally.
    She is a beauty not only for in the asian market but also in the global market.
    I am very happy and feel so proud and I am Japanese. Oh by the way, “Memoir of the Geisha” was shown in Japan as “Sayuri”.

  12. trumancapote says:

    she s intersting but she s also one of the face that only works in one way.

  13. miguel says:

    I feel nothing special

  14. Lillie says:

    Wow, Sui He is a stunningly beautiful girl that totally deserves this! Congrats and can’t wait to see her rise even more to the top of the modeling industry!

  15. Mei says:

    Sui He is one of the most unique faces i’ve ever seen in my life. She ain’t your everyday Chinese girls walking down the street. So you gotta be crazy for calling her nothing special like the commenter above *ahem* I guess different people have different views *shudder*. Anyway it’s a great news for Sui He to be chosen as their face yeay! You go girl! <3

  16. Aya李莉 says:


  17. Aya李莉 says:

    She is really an amazing girl.In China,there are so many people love her …

  18. JB says:

    Sorry but she’s definitely not the first Chinese face of Shiseido. The cosmetics giant has been fronted by many other Chinese models and actresses in the past and present e.g. Michelle Reis and Zhou Xun.

  19. Cosmos says:

    She’s got amazingly beautiful features. But what’s with the music?!

  20. ClaRence says:

    He Sui is a beautiful girl no doubt. But she like JB said, she definitely isn’t the first Chinese face of the brand. Unless you meant particularly SHISEIDO MAKEUP itself…

  21. Gabrielle says:

    Her bone structure is flawless,so fresh and youthful

  22. victoireLSG says:

    Pour l’avoir vu en vrai, je peux vous dire qu’elle est sublime. Je ne voyais qu’elle en backstage d’elie saab

  23. Danny says:

    Shut up, miguel.