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July 2nd, 2013 by models.com | Collections, Fashion Week, Menswear
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For Spring 2014, Givenchy‘s Riccardo Tisci tossed aside his favorite idées fixes and went in a new and inspired direction, pulling together an old-fashioned sort of futurism with tribal-warrior face paint in a show that was provocative and profound. Tisci has always been known for a kind of postmodern sportswear, collecting variegated imagery—say, aggressively snarling dogs, or perhaps intricately intertwined birds of paradise—and mashing them together in a way that, in less-able hands, would be unavoidably messy. The story this season was the bursting prints of Eighties-era circuity and tape decks, which took on a beautiful abstraction as they jostled their way across the sharp shapes of the overcoats, leggings, and tank tops. The show’s second half, in contrast, had a clean austerity, with Tisci’s classic silhouette—here, sweatshirt and loose shorts over leggings and sandals—crossed in graphic multicolored stripes that had a rich vibrancy. There was a feeling of fresh energy in the show, marking a departure from the stark darkness that infused some of Tisci’s recent collections, and—given the undeniable trickle-down effect of his designs—offering a convincing vision for what we’ll be wearing next year.

Text by Jonathan Shia
Images by Lea Colombo














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  1. V. says:

    Mariano Ontañon. Sexy Argentinian beauty! Love him

  2. Neill S. says:

    Thank you models.com for these sensational backstage images. Just one question, is that Maria Borges or Kiara Kabukuru in the 4th shot? Can’t wait for this collection to hit the stores!

  3. JS says:

    Givenchy collections are getting worse and worse every season. More tacky, less classy.

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