Viva Mariacarla!


The instantly iconic Givenchy campaign shot of Mariacarla and Marialucas by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

If the fall campaign season has a queen it has to be the luminous, Mariacarla Boscono. The perennial star has racked up an impressive array of campaigns for high powered brands like Dior, Giorgio Armani, Alberta Ferretti and of course Givenchy, cementing her status a beloved favorite of photographers and designers alike. Mariacarla continues to impress with her signature poses and affable, down to earth personality; ask any insider to list their favorite models and she is certain to be on the top of the list. MDC caught up with the Italian beauty to discuss her phenomenal season, collaborating with the industry’s biggest names and her newest adventure – motherhood.

What has it been like coming back to modeling now that you’re a mom.

MARIACARLA: Becoming a mother is the most beautiful thing in the world. I want to stay with Marialucas as much as possible, I only work on special projects but I still love my job. When I stop loving it you will know it right away because I will disappear…

You’re everywhere this campaign season – what was it like working with Mert & Marcus, Willy Vanderperre & Peter Lindbergh on these ads.

MARIACARLA: Each of them have a real special place in my heart, they all work in a different way and you can see it in their pictures. They are icons of talent and it is such an honor and an inspiration to work with them.

What keeps the job exciting for you? 

MARIACARLA: Working with the people who inspire me. Taking on new projects and knowing that we are going to create something cool, new, fresh. Knowing we are all searching for the perfect result. I love to be involved in the creation of a project, of an image. I love to talk. I talk a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not only about business, I love to talk and exchange opinions on the facts of life. At the end we have one life only, right?

Please tell us about making that Givenchy ad last season with your daughter – what was that shoot like?

MARIACARLA: When Riccardo told me that the concept of the campiagn was ”his family” and asked if Marialucas would shoot with me I had no doubt saying yes. She was only 3 months old and it was her first time in a studio. She was so good during the whole day, I was really nervous but she stole the show at the end! She was naturally the star. The Team and I had to feed her on the set because she didn’t want to leave it!!!!

What is next for you!

MARIACARLA: Resting all summer with the family and waiting for Marialucas to take her first steps. Thinking about new projects but whatever I will do in the future has to give me the same emotions that fashion gave me at first and still gives me!  Otherwise I will be a normal housewife, but I’m not sure I can picture my outfits for that role!!



Mariacarla by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Giorgio Armani


Mariacarla for Givenchy Beauty

mcb1Mariacarla by Willy Vanderperre for Dior


Mariacarla by Peter Lindbergh for Alberta Ferretti

  1. Possibly the fiercest walker during the past 10 years. There have been many great walkers, but jesus, when MCB walks, it’s like storm is coming.

  2. Loveeee her
    Her career has been managed in a gorgeous was,in my opinion the best one!!!!

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