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Now is a great time forNatasha Poly and all who love her. The sylphlike Russian beauty is everywhere and with previews continuing to emerge from her special edition of Muse it’s clear that she’s not going anywhere. With seminal artists like Jeff Koons, Richard Phillips, Billy Sullivan, Marco Brambilla and Chantal Joffe, capturing her essence in paintings / sculptures and drawings it’s clear that Natasha is more than just a muse to designers – any artist looking for the perfect emobidment of femininity can draw inspiration from the divine Ms. Poly.

See all the artist’s work influenced by Ms. Poly in our exclusive preview of Muse and the homepage animation of Marco Brambilla’s exclusive piece.

  1. love all these art works, it’s incredible..the frames in the home page are SHOCKING!!!! wow!!!! braviiii

  2. Natasha is going to be number 1 model ,I’m telling you people!!! she deserves ,she is a true model,true supermodel… at least for me

  3. PolyMania. I’m not feeling it..and pay no mind to that September 2007 Vogue Paris issue on my bookshelf. (Nata on the cover).

  4. In the frame Natasha is exactly like Sigourney Weaver in Alien.

    I would like to see Natasha too as Clementine Kruczynski in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Further inspiration could be also taken from All about Eve, The Sound of the Music and of course Jane Fondas Barbarella.

    The more diversity the better.

    But the Science-Fiction topic suits her very well, as she proves here and in the Jill Sander Campaign SS09.

  5. Natasha for No. 1 Spot!
    I love Raquel and she has been No 1 for a while, but Fashion world needs a new QUEEN.
    And that new QUEEN needs to be NATASHA! (even her name sounds really cool LOL: Natasha Poly!)

  6. i know i comment frequently on the updates of Natasha’s take over, but let it be said once again, she is the QUEEN of the runway in my mind, and she stole the long term spot of “my personal Jesus” from Gisele, who has now be dethroned to Saint status.

    Natasha Poly embodies everything that is fashion, femininity and fierce. Her versatility and obvious passion for her career makes her a Super in my books. Its girls like her and Maria Carla who aren’t models/students studying for a back up plan (ala Michelle Alves who was also a favorite of mine)that make the mind remember the first Supers, who did nothing but live for this position. The industry needs more girls who are nothing BUT Super Models.

  7. Minha ídalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    perfeita d+!!!!!!!!!!!
    o sonho da minha vida eh ter o corpo dessa mulher!!!!!!!!

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