Irina’s Crop


Marilyn’s  Irina Lazraneau joins the” new haircut”  brigade with this much buzzed new look. The girl is looking very  quintessential  right this minute !

  1. Holy! She looks nothing short phenomenal. The cut accents her cheekbones and jawline like a dream. I’m thrilled to see her.

  2. I can see Tao’s signature crop! haha looks good on Irina though :D

  3. She looks sensational. I hope she’s going to walk for the “main players” again!

  4. ohhh… bad move, irina. this cut really doesn’t suit her face’s shape or structure what-so-ever. she looks way, way better with longer hair framing her face.

  5. think she looks amazing now! hopefully, this will be a boost for her career.

  6. Irina looks superub……. amazing, amazing, amazin! Like Tao but Irina will bring her quirkiness to the table. this is a fixture for her.

  7. Oh no.. I loved her hair before.. This is BAD… :( It sucks that she cut her hair..

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