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New kid in town: Jacob Coupe. Pols courtesy of Models 1

Though the men’s collections are frenetically happening in Milan and Paris, London’s phones have been ringing off the hook about hometown boys Jacob Coupe and Charlie France. Jacob, from Nottingham and in his first season ever, opened Prada S/S 10. Birmingham native Charlie, featured at the end of last season as a face to watch on OTM and in the upcoming F/W 09 ads for Burberry,  was exclusive for the British brand in Milan as well as being Boy 1 at the show. Both young men also held exclusives for today’s Hugo by Hugo Boss S/S 10 show in Paris. 2 models, 2 cities, 4 exclusives… not a bad beginning for the newest English boys on the block.


Charlie France. Pols courtesy of Models 1

  1. Yeah i have to agree, Charlie looks a lot like Mathias! And Jacob…humm…i dont know, he might be in the spotlight right now, but i dont get THE feeling from him, at least not for now!

  2. I dont understand why people are bad mouthing Jacob?! He looked amazing at the shows and these polaroids arnt that great, he has a strong look and i think he has IT, definatly.

  3. Both boys are fantastic, they both have great faces, i definatly expect big things from both. I also have to agree with oliver, Jacob is a favourite X

  4. These boys are good! Jacob has somthing about him, especialy in his other pictures, he is wicked, to say it is his first season ever also is major!

  5. Jacob coupe has one of the most fascinating faces, a face you are extremely drawn to. Of course he looks like a prada model, he is after all modelling for prada! Prada have a specific look and jacob is spot on for this look, georgeous and will have an excellent career.

  6. I believe all the way down to my justhada that jacob shall flurish like a humingbird in his career, to say it is the mans first season just goes to show that that he isnt” like evwry other model” as one idiot so wrongly put.

  7. Jacob has a lot going for him. He is a complete natural, and will go far. Good luck and well done for doing so well in such a short time.

  8. i love jacob’s look, a welcome depart from the androgynous dior homme and these other boys with their hoxton haircuts we’ve been seeing way too much of. Don’t get me wrong, I think they look great, but it’s nice to see a boy who is just hot in a very simple, obvious and masculine way.

  9. There fine. Its the product. It tends to work.

    There not new or WOW but its the same old bookers who take them on.

    Want a new look? Find it yourself! ;-)


  10. For some reason, Jacob reminds me of Penn Badgley….love Charlie’s side profile.

  11. right ive known jacob for neali 9 years n i seen the potential from the start, he has a great face very model like n ino he will go far, i just hope he dont forget about the ones who told him first….*rolls eyes*

  12. I know Jacob from nottingham and is natrually beautiful, I wish him all the luck in the world. And believe he will go very far.

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