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Charlie France. Photo Betty for

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Charlie France just may be our new obsession. Possessing one of the most arrestingly beautiful faces we’ve ever seen (so appropriate for a Botticelli painting), Charlie’s worked with some of the most exclusive clients around: Jil Sander, Marc by Marc, Prada, Hugo Boss just to name a few not to mention appearances in last season’s Burberry campaign.  Even lovelier? Charlie is, as the French say “super génial” and of course is blessed with that wicked British coolness. In the video, he gives us a quick catchup of what he’s done in NY while waiting for Iceland’s volcano ash to clear up. (Special thanks to Models 1)

  1. he really isent all that cute as he is hyped to be :P but then again what relevance does it have for me to say a male model too, of course i have to think that :p

  2. I guess Boticelli is more him. Actually his face is so Medieval painting… Btw, was he born in 1991?

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