Top 10 Newcomer SS09 (Europe): Myf

Myf/Next Models NY Polaroids courtesy of Next NY

Australian teenager Myf bubbles with the kind of effervescent personality that spells “cute” but for the Spring/Summer 09 catwalks she has been nothing but the epitome of chic. From Marc Jacobs Collection to Marc by Marc, Ferre, Missoni, Jil Sander, Prada and Gucci, this Next beauty has proven herself to be a champion first season girl. Paris now beckons with those ultimate seals of approval which makes it exciting to see how well Myf has fulfilled her myth.

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  1. I love her. Her skin and eyes – so refreshing!

    She’s “cute” but devastating on the runway. Reminds me of Michelle Hicks.

  2. another star from australian agency CHIC on her way to the top. go MYF!

  3. Mfy….i dont even know where to start with her name.

    …her name….killing me.

  4. yay. go myf. she is my cousin . i am soo happy for her :)))))))))))))))
    she has done so well.

    she will be the NEXT miranda kerr or agnyess dyen

  5. here we go ryder

    okay well she is 17 . she started modelling seriousley at the start of this yr. then in about may she moved to new york to persue her modelling career. she left school at the start of this yr. and she has done so well. she has just done all the fashion weeks like new york and yer. and she is soo preety! it is soo annoying . i got stuck with the bad jeans .ahaha and she is coming home at the end of the year for xmas. she is from australia and her home town is brisbane..

  6. I knew her from school. Her real name is Amy Shepherd, she must have changed it when she left Tamblyn
    …so she might be the next Agyness!…
    …only BIGGER!!

  7. Apparently her real name is Myfanwy Amy Elizabeth Shepherd. She probably went with Amy at school so she didn’t get teased but now as a model, Myfanwy, or Myf, has a greater advantage.

    In case anyone wanted to know, it’s a traditional Welsh name.

  8. Also just wanted to add that she didn’t leave school, she does it by correspondence. (I go to the same school as her now)

  9. she was definitely Amy shepherd when shewas with tamblyns a few yrs ago. I remember her from their model search

  10. amazing new face .. wow ! hermes, chanel, balenciaga following the path of catherine mcneil, abbey lee.. wow amazing amazing !! MYF MANIA !!

  11. eamon its not Myfanwy Amy Elizabeth Shepherd. her real name is amy, but “Myf” came around because its one of the names her parents were tossing up at birth. she only changed her name recently like in the last year or so, because i guess as you said its more advantageous.

  12. everyone, i went to highschool with her! Everyone called her amy. but thats her middle name her real name is Myfanwy Amy Elizabeth Shepherd.
    she was really nice at school.

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