Sonny And Ellie Debut

Ellie/ Next Models NY Polaroids courtesy of Next NY exclusively for MDC

She’s a poised 18 year old Australian getting ready for her SS09 moments. He’s a 20 year old All-American generating serious advance buzz.

Sonny/   Next Models NY Polaroids courtesy of Next NY exclusively for MDC

Together they constitute the front wave of of the new vanguard marching through Next. Viva the world clique of beautiful new kids.

  1. SONNY is the NEXT best thing … He is so nice in person. He deserves this finally !!!!!!!!!

  2. i dont really like her look. i think she’s too harsh. but healthy is a key word i’duse for her. more supermodels of the 90s than modern day waif.

  3. Sonnys a cool kid and his pictures always come out amazing.. luv u

  4. I dont really think she`s got the look of a supermodel from
    the modern times…
    she`s more heathy than fashion….
    0% glamour if u take that blue eyes out of her…
    one more pair of blue eyes??…i dont think that its what the world is looking for!!!

    he is sooooooooo sexy!

  5. This guy, is awsome! never seen him though, He will be a force to be recconed with trust!

  6. Hi,
    I really do love their performance, their photo-shots and in my point of view they r looking great
    All the best to both of them.
    Best regards

  7. I disagree with some of the comments,
    I think that she is completely a supermodel of the times.
    She’s edgy, but she’s beautiful.
    Although her eyes are stunning, there’s clearly far more to her look than just that.

    You go girl.

  8. These two are the epitome of what models should look like now adays. Not only do they look healthy, they both give something to the camera. These two will be on the top in no time!!!

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