The Rachel Rutt Riot


Rachel/Next NY: Image courtesy of Next NY

After exploding out of the block at the last Australian Fashion Week, Rachel Rutt the 17 year old Singaporean/Australian is sweeping through Manhattan and creating quite the storm. Blue chip photographers are taking a first look, show casting directors are weighing that walk and editors are mulling whether Rachel is that next big Next breakout star. Stay tuned to OTM for more Rachel moments.

  1. !!!beauty alert! love the name, love the look, love everything! cant wait to see development and work! what a great combination of genes.

  2. ever since i saw the post about her yesterday shes just caught my eye

    shes something special, diverse look, beauty everything shes gonna be big! i can feel it :D

  3. This girl is definitely a newcomer to watch. NEXT’s aussie girls are bringing it Go Rache!!!

  4. She’s beautiful. Very exotic looking, can’t wait to see where she ends up.

  5. Love her look, but she has no neck! Then again that never stopped Eniko…

  6. I saw her at the louvre a few weeks ago. You notice her immediately! shes extremely pretty.

  7. oh my god she is so beautiful =] she went to my high school i was in year 7 when my friends first told me about her we would she her walk around the school hall and she would look so elegant. LOL but wow i hope she makes it big!!!

  8. she went to my high school too!
    she was friends with my sister, and shes a wonderful aartist.
    she always seemed so down to earth, and lovely :)

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