1. This girl is poised to go straight to the top!!!! Such a stunner, she has the intensity, the height, the looks, wow!

  2. Givenchy has the cool of Marc Jacobs and the prestige of Prada!!! Kelsey opening. This show could not be more spectacular!!!!!! The girl is a shining star!!!!!! Fashion world behold, a star is born!!!!!

  3. i’ve seen this canadian beauty on a few shows in NYC…absolutely stunning! fresh, young, a star is born! we love those canadian girls….

  4. “Fashion world behold, a star is born!!!!!”

    hehe, all of you are bunch of cheese balls

  5. Hey Ryder – Her mother agency is NEXT over in Toronto.

    She is absolutely stunning and was easily one of the most underrated models until now. All I have to say it’s about time this girl got on the radar. Not just that, but it’s about time we have some more Canadian girls step on the International scene. Now that she is, Kelsey is going straight to the TOP! Do I sense lucrative campaigns in this one’s foreseeable future? I believe I do.

  6. She is Schön….
    Looks like the Upcomming Danish/German girl – JOSEPHINE JACOB

  7. my hair’s that long i just wished mine curled like hers instead of just at the ends. she is gorgeous

  8. if your talking bout canadians. look out for Michelle Monkhouse in the future.

  9. Oh! I dressed her on the Sharon Wauchob’s fashion show in Paris the 1th october 2009!!!

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