1. he is really good looking & should be a full time model. he should be model of the year!

  2. He seems to be very shy! And WOW, someone who sings How Great Thou Art…we need more people like him!

  3. Wow what a beauty!!!!!
    his eyes seem innocent and yet a career soon to blossom.

  4. Not a profile person with those eyebrows, but straight-forward he is definitely infatuating.

  5. your crazy, his profile is very interesting. He’s got kind of a kate moss profile. Love his nose.

  6. Well….this is a good find. The rest will be known when we see him on Models.com in less than six months with all his editorials etc..
    Wishing him well!!!

  7. WOW!!! Roy looks really good!
    I’m so proud of you..getting to go to New York and possibly Italy??!!! That’s great!
    Wish I could be there with you!!
    Love you!

  8. WOW. This id what we need in fashion
    and hope he could be a outstanding model of this year

  9. ….too much like Danny Beauchamp …Danny is still unreplaceable…where is he now?

  10. I work with roy and wouldn’t of imagined this for him… I am very proud of him and hope he goes all the way…. This is my future husband… lol

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