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Izabel Goulart. Pic for MDC by Betty
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Izabel Goulart is on a misson. The Brazilian beauty has devoted her time and effort to charity work for diabetes and has recently been named the International Ambassador for the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI). Growing up with a brother who has had the disease since infancy made a strong impact on Goulart and during her speech to the DRI she was visibly moved by his struggles. Naturally, when devotion to a cause is heartfelt it makes giving back all the more meaningful. (See our interview with Izabel below).

Izabel Goulart with Women Model Management agents Christiana and Ali.

What is it like to have someone you love so much living with diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that’s had a deep impact on my family. My little brother has had type 1 diabetes since he was a baby and I have spent time learning about the disease and trying to bring attention to it so that one day soon we will reach a cure. I believe that the Diabetes Research Institute will find this cure.

People have this misconception that diabetes is not as much a “fatal” condition like cancer can be. What’s the biggest hurdle people with diabetes face every day and why is it such a dangerous disease? Type 1 diabetes can be a very fatal disease. People with type 1 diabetes whose blood sugars are out of balance are at risk of suffering very dire consequences and even if they can avoid that they suffer from infections, loss of vision and many of the same things that plague people with type 2 diabetes which can include loss of limbs, failure of major organs. It goes on and on. What’s so sad about this disease is that it can strike seemingly healthy people, often children as was the case with my brother, and that it’s very hard to control. It’s life changing for the person who gets it and for everyone around them. That’s why I’m working with the Diabetes Research Institute to help find a cure now.

How do you hope to help by being the “spokesperson” for DRI? I’ve seen with my own eyes how difficult it is for my brother to live with type 1 diabetes and if I can use my travels and profession to raise awareness for a cure that’s what I want to do. This gives me the opportunity to raise awareness for diabetes research and the Diabetes Research Institute. Anything I can do to spread the message about the DRI’s mission to find a cure will help them. And if I can help the DRI, I can help my brother and millions of others who are waiting for a cure for diabetes.


Introducing Izabel.

  1. izabel eh linda e maravilhosaaaaa
    a victoria secrets fes a maior burrada da vida naum renovando com ela
    ela eh mil vezes melhor q a doutzen ou q a miranda

  2. Izabel is a great person to do this. I know how she feels and she’ll do great. I hope the research team can continue to work their talent and abilities and find a cure.

  3. Lovely! Simply put! What a great woman shes become. from VS to embassador for DRI. It puts a smile on my face to see how people can use their fame for a good cause!

  4. this is very important subject and im very happy to see izabel to be the spokes person for such an important organization. i do hope that her brother is doing well and that he wont experience any consequences-ever. hopefully the medicine that is in research will be approved by the end of this year.

  5. A Izabel é uma das mais lindas modelos do mundo!!!
    A victoria secrets fez burrada naum renovando com ela…Ela era a mais sexy de todas!!!!

    isso aí é auto promoção.
    mulé chata PARA CARALEO,
    ninguem suporta !!!

  7. WOW, I’m impressed. Izabel is somebody who is really grateful for all the opportunities that came her way. A beautiful girl and a beautiful heart!

  8. Good for her! I like seeing how people can use their fame for a good cause. I hope a lot of people follow her and stand up for what they believe in. Go Izabel!

  9. Tadim do thomas…kkkk… “Ninguém suporta”.
    Ele diz isso omo se conhecesse a Iza. Judiação da inveja da “muléstia”.

  10. she reminds me carrie prejean’ s face as a brunette version… very beautiful!

  11. Izabel é Uma Lutadora ! se ela está Onde chegou … foi pela seu esforço e Garra e muita força de vontade .
    eu a conheço desde de que eramos da sucsses em Sao Paulo , que hj já nem existe , ela tinha um cabelo preto bem curto .
    sempre muito simpatica , e Amavel com quem seja !
    pelo menos naquela epoca …
    enfim Izabel Arrasa !!!!

  12. definitivamente ella es perfecta!!!! la adorooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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