1. Fashion is becoming too… well, you can fill it in the blanks.
    Dresses are NOT for boys/men

  2. on usual days, dresses are not for men(except on unique party).
    but for shooting of ad and editorial, who cares?

    this style reminded me of Vincent gallo and Oliver zham on purple
    and Andre J on the cover of vogue paris.

    i like this both campaigns.
    he doesn’t look strange in this dress.

  3. This model should get more attention. He is the epitome
    of androgyny. extremely photogenic and interesting looking
    in just about everything i’ve seen him. perfect mannequin indeed
    mark jacob sure knows how to spot them.

  4. I think its awesome that someone as big as cole did this type of look, but I don’t agree with people saying he is the epitome of androgyny, looks pretty classic boy to me.

    Love it!!

  5. this is absolutely groundbreaking…. i just LOVE it!! i’m speechless….
    this truly is a revelation… i though i was the only that could have come with such an idea… i guees i was wrong!!
    HOLLA for Cole!!

  6. there was a time when people said pants were not for women. i think he looks awesome

  7. I’ve seen this type of photography by photographers
    that goes back to the 1930s, so it is not groundbreaking to do
    this type of thing. I recall that Bruce Weber did a shot of
    model in a ball gown and it did look good. Not so sure on the
    shot above, maybe to much detail on dress. I think issues around
    gender can be handled in more subtle and less overt ways, than
    putting a model in a dress. The model is good though, as said

  8. I have mixed feelings. I could not tell Cole’s gender from the ad, but I love the riskiness of
    doing this groundbreaking work. I’d like to give guys more choices for self-expression just as
    women now have, this is a good first step, politically and fashion-wise.

  9. you guys are crazy. i was in these ads. no one but me and juergen know what happened so please don’t say things you can’t defend or even explain. i changed fashion. you are wrong if you disagree. i am men and women. i am all of us.


  10. Marky Mark has outdone himself again. How is it that he is able to create such unique ads so effortlessly? Needless to say I can’t wait to see what’s next for Cole; it’s so refreshing to see a contemporary take on men and their role within fashion, Mr. Mohr is sure to be catapulted to startdom.

    btw: Is that really cole who posted above?

  11. Cole Mohr is a cutie and that was NOT his post above.
    The editorial is not really my style…I don’t know what Marc was trying to accomplish with this one…

  12. “mark jacob”
    if you want your opinion to be take seriously then try not misspelling the designers name…

    and he has nothing to do with these ads
    this is his difusion line he would not waste time on an ad
    its juergen teller and some stylist

    and who the fuck inpersonates a male model?
    “no one but me and juergen know what happened so please don’t say things you can’t defend or even explain”
    we cant explian the fact that you are wearing a dress?
    we cant explian the fact that you have no influence in fashion just as every male model doesn’t?
    we cant explain that you just made it sound like you and juergen are fuck buddies?
    you are even more pathetic than i am being right now.

    “prada boy”
    jesus christ
    marky mark?
    this is not a contemporary take on men and their role in fashion its a man in a dress. get your head out of the clouds with the fab rainbows you dumb fuck. if you want to see a contemporary take on men and their role in fashion look to the s/s 09 collection of givenchy. riccardo tisci is a real innovator in menswear.
    ps. shouldn’t you be shopping the latest styles from gap and h&m? you could not be more transparent

    and to SiLViO
    you think you are the only one who thinks of putting a man in a dress?
    have you been outside of mississippi?
    by no means is this new.
    it not even the first time its been done in an ad (see vivenne westwood)
    your fucking stupid.

    i hate marc jacobs

  13. you all are getting confused by nothing more than the simply idea that these are just ads where they wanted to stand out by putting a male model to do both: women and man advertising for these clothes. That they simply wanted to use just one model and also get the gay´s maket attention, even though is not explicit. by the way you can find this ads in the Out magazine.

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