1. I really liked this campaign and I think that she was so superb in it, which even lead to later underestimating her looks and potential versatility.

    She has been underestimated.

  2. The israelie beauty is amazing!
    Bar refaeli is israelie model !1!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. glad to see her back, I was sorry to see her drop off the radar like that. Meisel got anything to do with it?

  4. wow wondered where she went! Her versace ads were far to amazing! She is a very pretty girl

  5. yes, she was the one girl represented by ingrid at clear. beautiful. what ever happened to her? and between them? best of luck, sharon.

  6. BTW, is it because of recession that these models are going back to work?

    lucky for us, we love seeing them….

  7. WOW!!!

    Request, being a men’ agency, is killing with their girls right now! AMAZING!

    First Emily now Sharon.
    I guess when you are an outstanding agent/agency you can take any talent to a stardom level ha?

    PS: Emily is a beauty i have never seen before…PERFECTION!

  8. Does anyone esle think she has very boyish qualities?? look at her face and its structure.. kinda boyish huh??

    she is beautiful though.. see a bit of eva mendes in her

  9. WOW!!!!!!!I would book her off this picture alone. looks like she could be a related Daria Werbowy She has this super model appeal. But, I would be very careful of this, very careful. The questions. 1. How tall is she? 2. What is her dress size? 3. What is her cup size?
    4. How old is she (not that important but need to know). If she meets all these requirements that a model should have then Request models are on the right track with the board.
    If not, then we can just say she has a face for beauty. And, they are still on the right track. She is very
    beautiful you guys. Nice find. Good luck.

  10. The girl is back… very cool. I missed her alot in fashion as a kid. I thought she goin in that Gisele path but then she disappeared. girls like Caroline .R and Marianna Wierkett ,Mini Anden, Ana Claudia…. you wonder about… I still a big fan….. Versace book her again for a campaign…. as for MARK:SHUT UP! IT SHOWS YOU DON’T KNOW THIS ANGEL…..SHE MEETS ALL REQUIREMENTS ALWAYS HAVE.

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