1. Love her look! Indeed, she will be busy as SS09 season will
    come soon. :)

  2. OMG!! Gorgeous!! Jourdan really is gaining great momentum for a newcomer. I am so excited to see where it all takes her.

  3. simply stunning, the fringe, the dark eye
    the cheekbones!!

    Jourdan has really proved herself in the last 3 months
    to be a girl that is here to stay.

  4. Finally black models are getting attention again, the Italian Vogue was epic.
    Jourdan looks gorgeous.

  5. she s cool, the styling too but …
    bad picture she s so unconfortable((

  6. i love this girl. she is so awesome. im so glad she is finally getting the recognition that she deserves.

  7. i love this girl. i have been following her for quite some time now. i am so glad that she is finally getting the recognition that she deserves. i know that there will never be another naomi but if i had to put a current model in her place when she was young jourdan would definately be that girl. LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!

  8. she looks awesome…good for her and I hope she get’s lots of campaigns.

  9. Love the cover. We need to see more Blacks, Asians, Latinas
    (REAL LATINAS-Caucasian Brazilians do not count!), Middle Eastern,
    etc. Fashion is about changes and moving forward, so I can attest
    that borderline anorexic White models are so over.


  11. Oh…I wish they would could get rid of the winking! I suppose
    it’s a lucky charm for the magazine or something.

  12. i think she looks like naomi too! and the hair is perfect for this edit!
    i love it and think she should keep it severe like that!

  13. stunning =]

    and ryder, i definitely think that is prada.

    and to david mills, the reason why she is winking along with every other cover of i-D, is because if you look at the lettering it shapes a closed eye, an open eye and a mouth



  14. She is really plain and boring looking and the cover looks
    amateur after the brilliant cover with sasha in July.

    “Fashion is about changes and moving forward, so I can attest
    that borderline anorexic White models are so over.”

    but fashion has never been about being PC either, and non-white
    models are going to be as thin as white models. Jordan looks
    more anorexic than doutzen or natalia vodianova.

  15. To the person who made a comment that the hair could have been better, I kindly disagree.
    The hair looks fabulous, She looks fabulous, stop hating!

  16. To BJRader:

    Jourdan is younger than both Doutzen and Natalia and yes she’s
    thin but she is naturally thin. A lot of these teens (and
    yes, they really are just teenagers) need time to grow into
    their bodies.

    Caroline Trentini was someone who was just a skinny teenager
    when I met her for model of the week and she’s blossomed into
    a young woman with a beautiful feminine body. I think to say
    that Jourdan looks more anorexic than someone who’s had
    3 kids (Natalia) or an ex athlete (Doutzen) is very unfair
    to her.

    Everyone is obviously entitled their opinion about something
    like the cover. But to throw out that word anorexic when
    you know all that it implies… I just think it would be more
    fair to use skinny, no curves, etc….


  17. “Everyone is obviously entitled their opinion about something
    like the cover. But to throw out that word anorexic when
    you know all that it implies… I just think it would be more
    fair to use skinny, no curves, etc….”

    my response was to the person that said that all the current white
    models look anorexic or semi anorexic
    and that having women of color would remedy
    that. The point i was trying to make was similar to yours i just
    failed to articulate it properly.

  18. bjrader: That was very extremely not cool to say. BORING! PLAIN! AND AMATURE! You sound like a fifteen year old jealous little girl!!

  19. Lauren,
    BJ explained himself (herself?) and I think he or she just didn’t
    make themselves very clear.

    See what BJ wrote above at 2:42pm.

    The Internet can be tough sometimes to make one’s point exactly.
    (Does that make sense?)


  20. Max…thanks for telling me about logo and wink. I’m still not
    keen on the winking covers. A friend of mine was editor for
    a while so will ask him what he thinks. Nice to see different
    races on cover though: last month Naomi.

  21. you guys shouldn’t be editing what people say.. not everyone is
    going to have a positive comment, not everyone is going to
    loovvvvve Jourdan… i’ve made some not so nice comments in the
    past and they’ve been removed, but i’ve made positive comments
    too… its just our opinion. I’ve met Jourdan, and while I think
    she’s a beautiful girl, I don’t think she’s MAJOR and i’m honest
    about that. Naomi is a bitch but she is MAJOR.
    I just think its so pretentious that everyone jumps on the
    bandwagon because Prada used her. It’s a major accomplishment
    but people need to stop being so phoney and kissing so much

  22. To Redredruby,
    I’ve said this so many times before, but it looks like I have to
    Whether it’s the NY Times, the Sartorialist, COACD, to us here
    at MODELS.com.

    You don’t understand how many inane, off topic comments we get
    that add NOTHING to the post. I’ve deleted posts that say, “Hey
    I want to be a model, can you help me” to some people putting
    their entire life story on the comments. THIS ADDS NOTHING USEFUL

    Yes, we put the positive comments sure and we also put the
    negative comments but if it’s ten people saying the same negative
    thing (I hate it, it’s ugly, she looks awful) why put all that bad
    energy out there!!! Now if you say something negative but there
    is an intelligence in how you explain why you don’t like it, then
    we definitely put it up (like in your post Redredruby).

    So send in negative and postive comments but just realize that if
    it’s only to hate without some reason why.. it probably won’t
    get approved. Not cause we’re kissing butt but because we want
    there to be interesting discussions to go along with supporting
    the hardworking models/photographers/designers, etc.


  23. Just to add that I’ve done a photo shoot in the past and had a
    few negative comments sent to me about the model, which was
    someone I was going out with at the time. As you can image,
    my partner was upset. You never know who is reading these

  24. Parabéns pelo trabalho maravilhoso que a i-d fez com Jourdan Dunn ela está explendorosa, estão até a comparando como a sucessora de Naomi Campbell bem, isto vai ser difícil acho que até impossível mas Jourdan está dando sinais de que veio pra ficar fico muito feliz com isso pois estou cansado de ver modelos loiras apáticas e sem vida o mercado está mudando muito.
    Espero que as negras fiquem e não saiam jamais do momento pois estavam sempre ai com sua luz só que ninguém as notavam será esta a volta das modelos negras espero que sim pois elas dão um show de profissionalismo…

  25. Hi Betty,

    I just read your comment and wanted to say thank you. I was a bit hasty in my comment and came off harsh. Basically I do like Jourdan but I would have liked her to build her career up more before allof the hype. And what said about phoney and kissing butt wasn’t directed at you or Models.com, just to fashion people in general. I know its your job to keep us up to date with what is going on with the fashion world and you are doing a fantastic job!

  26. Redred Ruby:
    Thanks for the kind words.. when it comes to the modeling world,
    there is definitely a lot of information out there, so we try
    the best that we can.

    As for the hype around Jourdan, that’s what a lot of this
    industry is about… But the interesting thing is that life and
    the industry has an uncanny way of resetting itself.. Jourdan
    appeared on the scene in January 2007 so it’s not an overnight
    thing (though it may appear that way) but time will only tell if
    she has the longevity and passion for the modeling/fashion
    world that someone like Naomi obviously has.


  27. OMG. Seriously she is fierce, doing catwalks from Oscar de la renta, Zac Posen and my recent fav, Dsquared2, Miss Dunn is to be applauded. Work it girlie!

  28. I worked with her backstage @ the Alexander Wang girl, she was my savior that day. She is so sweet and calm and not a complete bitch liked the other models(maryna..). I’m so glad she’s doin so well and thats she’s been able to stay so grounded.

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