1. that hair! YES!!! love the skin and the eyes too. not a clone – finally…

  2. OMG! I think he’s the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen. I’m jealous.

  3. this boy has everything to get there.
    he has a very feminine, but in the same time a very masculine look. just wow

  4. Wow, he looks amazing!!! God like perfection. He reminds me of the Michelangelo statue the David

  5. This site is the pits! Hey ASSHOLE! You can’t seem to take criticism gladly, can you? MORON!!

  6. Jon (8:52am),

    You are not too bright.. Do you actually think this model is approving the comments himself? The admin has not approved any of your comments because you have nothing intelligent to say or add to the conversation. In fact you are downright mean. We totally put up comments that are not positive, IF they are intelligent and not attacking people personally and making up stuff about people.

    You can find some other site to vent all your negative, nasty energy. You, kind sir, are the asshole.


  7. im 13 and i live in scotland not far from edinburgh and i was in edinburgh today and i saw a photoshoot taking place and i think the model was David Gandy who i was just looking on the internet to try and find him because i thought i had seen him in an advert and i think it was him. He’s seventh best male model in the world!!!:) i want to be a model when im older!!!!<3

  8. He is my new crush. His face is so soft but his body is so masculine (for a 16 year old) I want to go to Europe so badly now.

  9. OMG loves it soo unique he’s like the Elf mixed supermodel version of Bob Dylan <3 I want to see more please

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