GQ Taiwan’s Supermodels: Part 1


Sean O/VNY Model Management. Photo: Chiun Kai Shih for GQ Taiwan

50 years of being out of the fashion and pop culture loop has created a hunger and insatiable need in China for not only knowledge of what’s in, but to be ahead of the curve. This increasingly savvy market is educating itself as well on not only the designers but also on the other players in the industry. Japan and Korea currently dominate the region’s understanding of the industry with magazines like Numero Tokyo, Japanese Vogue, Spur and Korean Vogue/W; and booking the top girls with some of the top photographers around but China is tailgating close behind. The recent Fendi collection by Karl Lagerfeld held on the Great Wall of China last October, indicates China’s willingness to tie in fashion with a cultural icon. With the rise in the sophistication of the market (Vogue China, Marie Claire China, Elle China), comes the inevitable hole to fill for the men’s side of the story: Prestige Hong Kong‘s men’s fashion issue had an exclusive interview with Tom Ford last month; Men’s Vogue China debuts this month with a supplement in the Vogue China women’s issue, with Olympic medalist and track star, Liu Xiang on the cover. When GQ Taiwan and photographer, Chiun Kai Shih invited us to shoot and interview behind the scenes of their upcoming supermodel stories, we jumped at the chance to capture some of the most photogenic and charismatic guys in town. Check out a few of our favorites of Chiun Kai’s pics, video of some of the boys and behind the scenes pics.

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RJ/Public Image Worldwide. Photo: Chiun Kai Shih for GQ Taiwan


Brad Kroenig/Ford Models. Photo: Chiun Kai Shih for GQ Taiwan


Matthew Avedon/DNA Models. Photo: Chiun Kai Shih for GQ Taiwan


Camera to computer to great shot! Photo by MDC


RJ with photographer Chiun Kai Shih. Photo by MDC


Andrew Richardson on set (Public Image, Success). Photo by MDC


Matthew’s tattoo. Photo by MDC

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