IMG’s FW 09 Power Pack

Besides Top 10 Newcomer Jac, IMG’s new forces hit the FW 09 market full blast. Look to these girls as the next generation of stars in the grand tradition established by the likes of Sasha, Freja, Kinga and Heidi.

Bara- From Czech Republic, first season, exclusive Prada for Milan, exclusive Miu Miu for Paris.

Kelvin- From Russia, first season, Jil Sander exclusive.

Lovani- From Brazil, first season, Jil Sander semi exclusive, went on to walk for Dolce & Gabbana and D&G.

Mia Frilander-From Finland, only did Paris shows but opened Loewe and walked in Louis Vuitton.

Odelia- From Russia, first season, Jil Sander exclusive.

  1. Mia’s stunning! Absolutely gorgeous in person and a real sweetheart too. I like Odelia as well, she has a quirky charm. The others are very typical (especially Kelvin and Lovani), quite dull.

  2. Bara Holotova (or Holoteva?) reminds me of Sandra Bernhard which I still like for her wild and eccentric looks.

  3. This is precisley why I love IMG. They will forever be a powerhouse. “The” powerhouse if you will. They continue to maintain a magnificent board. Not only is IMG making sure are all the current girls on their roster are booking jobs left, right and centre, they are constantly on the prowl for magnificent new faces to do the exact same. IMG doesn’t develop models, they develop icons. VIVA IMG!

  4. If IMG were such a Powerhouse then models like Chloe, Caelese, Gabriella Silva, Honorine would be booking jobs left, right and center but they are not. They have TOO many girls on the board who look alike that are not booking enough work… and they just keep adding on more African American & Caucasian models that look even more alike. I have been looking at the IMG board for 4 years now and I wonder how long they will leave Chloe in development before they figure out they should drop her… as well as the others.

    They should try “cleaning up shop” first before bringing up some new talent. They can try to get more unique looking models as well.

  5. Semi exclusive, lol! Thats just hilarious. What in the world is a semi exclusive?
    Is there such thing as that? If their is them we will have a very long list of many other girls that did
    ‘semi exclusives’
    Mia looks fantastic!

  6. I love all the girls – Lovani, Kelvin , Odelia , Mia and Bara.

    I heard Lovani is exclusive for editorial right now.

    What a team !

  7. Mia is a total Stunner, cannot wait to see where she goes. Odelia has that quirky perfection appeal I adore about Ali Stephens. & I am interested to see where the other three go with her potential – Go IMG. In these 2 shots of Kelvin & Lovani their lower halves of their faces appear surprisingly similar .

  8. Semi exclusive is the second joke of the year, people can say really whatever to cause more impact in real life, to keep some sort of status…there is no problem to say that she did few but great shows I think that is why this girls above are listed here…I adore Lovani but there is no need to create a ridiculous thing, she did castings and fittings for many designers, and her agency just allowed her to do best ones that she got confirmed!

  9. semi-exclusive, they walk for the show and then can book jobs afterwards.

  10. Liking Mia and Odelia. Lovani has something that is very Dree Hemingway-esque–but w/ more model-like proportions. Draw your own conclusions…

  11. i love odelia beauty mark it just so pretty :) like ymre’s beauty mark

    mia there something abt her i really like

    hope all these girl continue to do great :D

  12. semi exclusive’s so funny haha why not day-exclusive hour-exclusive
    lovani really have a solid season she impressed me so much

  13. Lovani is amazing . She booked a lot of great shows this season besides the opening spot for Haider Ackerman a designer that has being getting a lot of buzz . The only complain I have is that she should go back to blonde.
    Oh , well , I just love that girl .

  14. semi exclusive,exclusive for the day,exclusive……insane and ridiculus!…and maybe necxt season not even a show confirmed!

  15. lovani walked Blugirl(feb 26th) / D&G(feb 27th started early than Jil) before Jil Sander show
    is it still semi ? so random

  16. I am so sick and tied of these agencies going across other countries and picking up other faces than turning their own american models here in the united states into icon. I see girls that could have been supermodels, but they rather get the ones with no green card or SS# and turn them to icons. I don’t mind helping others, but first seek your own then you take it out there. I have not seen that many black models get discovered by these notorious agencies. The world is still racist until we blacks can start accepting one another and stop waiting on these “hand me a vouncher”, then we will have our mind set up to helping these aspiring wannabe black models. They have called us the minority and yes we blacks have accepted almost every negative vocabulries ever been used. I am so proud of Tyra Banks for helping these wowen pursue their ambition.

  17. janelle and betty did you read what jc just wrote? girls you have to be more careful in what you write for MDC not loose its credibility!

  18. Lorennay,
    Of course we did.. This is the information that IMG gives us, directly from her booker.. If they choose to call it semi-exclusive, then that’s what we will write.

    Bring up the issue to IMG!


  19. Man, i cant wait to see Bara in the long run. She was beautiful in prada and i hope she does next seasons prada campaign.
    she has that strong look like lara.she looks promising for editorials.

  20. SEMI-EXCLUSIVE! LOL! LOL! LOL!That ought to be the funniest thing I have ever seen posted on ever

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