1. I like this girl better than all the other top 10 newcomers.. special!!

  2. so she is top ten newcomer before doing any shows yet? well thats impressive…weird
    i wonder how much money i need to spend on models.com to get that kind of advantage promo?

  3. Oooo. Now she is something special. I don’t she needs that quirky hair cut though. Her beauty is unique enough on it’s own.

  4. this girl is absoltely stnning…before and now with the new haircut…I am very excited about this girl.

  5. How on earth is this girl a top new face? Is this another pick like Daria, the new face from Supreme who flopped?? Or is their an inside exclusive we don’t know about?

  6. I love this girl. She is special and unique and not similar looking like most of the other girls.

  7. She has walked several NY shows…the ones that newbies usually walk including Betsy Johnson.

  8. Also wanted to add that…Ranya is SUCH a refershing face to see…I’m so BORED and utterly TIRED of seeing these past few seasons bring nothing but blonde haired-blue eyed girls. One season was great, 2 seasons was already getting tiresome. I mean jsut take a look at the Prada SS09 campaign…its just overload and dumb already.

    Very excited about where this girl can head towards.

  9. J.T….


  10. i agree with natasha.

    to me, niume smit, imogen morris clarke, sophie sreg (moderately), sigrid, they all look similar too me. they have like no personality.

    faces like liu wen, who is ravishing, do not get as much attention or put in the same shows, or book the same editorials or campaigns…
    its only this year that stunning kinga has come about and really sprung, and shes been modeling for awhile.
    its also probably why designers this year are falling back on the older models, like natasa vojnovic, who is probably my favorite model ever as she is LEGENDARY and has been casted in so many shows this year.

    just my opinion.

  11. Larry, it is “too quickly” not “to quickly” as you wrote. If you are going to declare ignorance, make sure you at minimum spell correctly.

    I was speaking of show appearances, not any editorials she shot SEVERAL months later. But thanks.

  12. What I love about the fashion industry is that you never know what to expect. There is always something new happening; trends, models, designers etc. What goes along with that is how the fashion industry embraces types of beauty that in the ‘real’ world, would not even remotely be considered typically “beautiful.” This industry has the ability to help people alter their perceptions by teaching them to appreciate these different types of beauty and understand that beauty comes in various different varieties and forms.
    Although Ranya is not the “typical” or even “classic” beauty, she brings that something ‘new’ I was mentioning earlier to the table. She’s that girl you would never expect to be a model, let alone a top newcomer, but that is exactly what is so intriguing about her. She is different. She’s edgy. She’s quirky. But it works. and I love it. You go girl.

  13. She’s cool. I had the pleasure of working with her in NY (pre-haircut) she didn’t need it, but she carries it well. very spunky personality, just a fun girl

  14. j.t.
    be better not bitter….there is enough of that in the world.
    you are just a bitter queen working in small insignificant agency. i know who you are….bitch

  15. i agree com amie at the top…. she is a long-distance running for sure.

  16. she does have a very unique face. i don’t know how big she’ll be, but she looks amazing in that picture. on the other hand the picture of her in the givenchy show she may be a bit too androgenous and i love androgeny. her face doesn’t seem like it’d handle a lot of makeup well and i suggest she grow her hair out because that new japanese girl tao and this ranya girl might get confused. i’m curious to see where she goes next though.

  17. The haircut is revolting… Aka trying to be avant-guard BUT NOT WORKING… Just plain ugly.

    Her face is ****ing stunning though! Gorgeous face.

  18. OMG, I think I saw her recently in NYC. Or someone looked just like her, haircut and all!

  19. I do not like her! I am from Slovakia and she is a typical slavic common face alike thousands others. only common, nothing special.

  20. Hm yes well… I can see the attraction for this young lady and yet… I’m completely new to this whole universe but it seems like the big strategy for up and coming models is to find a signature hairstyle… whether it suits them or not hehe… Which IMHO is a bit weak if it’s the ‘only’ (not saying she doesn’t have other assets) thing that makes them stand out from the modelling crowd.

  21. Special and unique girl, androgenous & transracial. Love her direct and piercing eyes. The haircut was a genious move!

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