1. LOOK at those legs!!! i dont think iv seen legs that long ever!
    she beautifull, hopefully she will bag some campaigns.

  2. Actually ran into her this season and got chatting to her – she was doing the prada exclusive last season but got gastroenteritis before the show and was stuck in bed for the whole of fashionweek! so psyched she got another chance with givenchy – she is really striking in the flesh

  3. i agree, her body looks out of this world. her legs go on for days
    very preety face, id love to see how she turns out in editorials

  4. This is my 3rd time posting this…itll be erased because i guess negative feedback is not allowed on models.com

    The model is plain. Another face on the runway.

  5. Lets talk about Kelsey. Why are we not talking about Kelsey? There were ten thousand exclusive girls for Riccardo this season, only one open the show. Why are we not talking about her?!!!

    Rebecca is ok. She looks like a student at an all girls college. Pretty but not that pretty.

  6. Natasha,
    Negative feedback is allowed. MEAN and nasty feedback we try to keep to a minimum. Also we don’t like comments that just say the same thing over and over and add nothing to the conversation.

    Try to remember that models are people who have feelings.. Just because their visual image is out there, doesn’t give people the right to criticize destructively the way a person looks..

    Either you’re very young or completely insensitive… which one is it?


  7. She is an amazingly pretty girl. I cant understand how anyone could think she is plain. although i have to admit, most models do have a similar body shape and face.
    I really love her body figure. I really wish I was as pretty as her, she has to be my favorite model so far, a definite role model.

    15 Y.O

  8. I went to school with her, she was in my house and I love that she’s a model now, she’s a really lovely girl. Good luck Rebecca!

  9. Good luck Becky!!! :-) I cannot believe that when i type your name into Google, there are actually people discussing you!! ha! Take Care xx

  10. I actually went to school with her when we were younger, and she’s an incredibly sweet girl, as well as clearly being very striking. x

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