Top 10 Newcomer FW09 (NY): Jac

IMG beauty Jac walked into MDC this morning and instantly OTM put everything on the schedule on hold to upload this digital and video as the new MDC cover. Flawless body lines …an impeccable walk…stunning face…this girl is what every casting director in town prays will walk into the room this season. We suspect Jac might very well trigger a stampede to Poland to try to source more girls like this. And just like that, the Top 10 Newcomers FW 09 sweepstakes are off.

[flashvideo filename= image= width=600 height=450 /]

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  1. even though shes another blond blue eye color model.
    but she’s the perfect model case…
    and look at her body..its just naturally made..
    cant get that body 2 health or surgery i guess XD
    go JAC ur -biggest fan-

  2. I honestly dont understand why there wasn’t one African American girl in the Top 10 Newcomer ! Really sad..

  3. her bone structure is absolutley unbelievable…

    she’s fifteen for christ’s sake!

  4. I have followed the fashion scene for many years. There is something very special about this girl that I have not seen in a long time. I hope she does well.

  5. kasia struss, monika jagaciak, anja rubik, magdalena frackowiak, anna jagodzinska are also successful polish models.

  6. It’s very funny and touching seeing this post again :) she’s so young back then. yet she has a great, rocket-like career right from the start. being the most-talked-about new comers without actually walk on the shows (the banning stuffs). On 2010 just a year before her debut she rank #9 on top 50 list. She achieved so many things in her young age. I hope she’ll always do well on modelling industry. And lasts until her old time, bcs i’m pretty sure this girl has the rarest thing in modelling, longevity.

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