White Nudes

Marie Piovesan by Maciek Kobielski 

As one of the rising stars of photography, Maciek Kobielski is known for creating striking pictures that push fashion imagery into the realm of art. His newest project, a solo exhibition of new work entitled White Nudes, is set to debut at Gallery 131 ½, is an erotic series of nude portraits set against a white backdrop. Meant as an exploration of the “construction of the classic nude” Kobielski’s pictures featuring Anais Pouliot, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Kel Markey, Marie Piovesan and Ros Georgiou are raw, elegant and intimate. MDC caught up with the engaging Mr. Kobielski on the eve of his exhibition to discuss what inspired his latest work and what makes it so powerful.

What inspired you to do this series?

MK: Spending time with women. It was an experiment in direct documentation, to see what would happen with someone being absolutely open in her nudity.

These women don’t look vulnerable or fragile. They look strong and free.

MK: Exactly. I try to approach them with great care and as a result, the images are empowered.

Your pictures are known for being sexy. What’s sexy for you?

MK: I’m aware that many other people do not perceive these photographs as “sexy,” but to me they are extremely sexy. Being natural is sexy. These women are so refined that it is stunning.

Why did you shoot the nudes on a plain white background?

MK: I wanted people to see the drawing of the female figure. This background is for me like a fresh canvas.

As a painter as well as a photographer, do you think the White Nudes are really White Paintings?

MK: They feel to me like drawings. I don’t know how to draw, so for me the best way is to take the picture.

Is painting a higher art form than photography?

MK: I think so.

What defines your work?

MK: Color. I don’t use black and white at all. This way, it stays very contemporary. I try to see reality as close as possible. The people on the pictures are how I really see them.

What is the difference between showing your work in a gallery or as an editorial?

MK: It’s a different preparation. On this series, I worked for a period of time whereas an editorial is 1-2 days maximum. For the nudes, I worked with just with one person in a very stark reality, not a team creating an exterior artifice. For a magazine, you work with clothes, fashion, elements that are given. Taking away these elements makes the images pure so in this series there are no artifacts surrounding the portraits, the photos are stripped bare. It is the person and nothing else. Just the girl.

Are these images of woman or ideals?

MK: All of it. What’s really beautiful about these women is their purity.

After this show are you planning on doing a book?

MK: That’s the idea.

What other projecst are you interested in?

MK: There are so many interesting things coming in. Every project that I’ve recently brought to realization has been organic. All things that happen without planning have been fun.


WHITE NUDES is On view during New York

Fashion Week from February 7–17th 2013

At Gallery 131 1/2

131 1/2 Chrystie Street, New York NY 10002

  1. It seems his answers to the interview questions come off rather standard. It’d he refreshing to read about someone with alternate views, differing opinions and more unique views. Also, in my own opinion, vulnerability and fragility can be absolute greatness when encompassed in a photograph. There’s no longer much inventive about photographing people to make them appear strong in character, will, whatever. Both can work but I’d like to see more of the former personally.

    That said, not to take anything away from him, Maciek DOES have a lot of great and inspiring work.

  2. I would like to contact the photographer Maciek Kobielski. I authorize the publishing of my e-mail.

    Purpose: Invite him to expose in Brazil.

    Tony Marques
    e-mail: tmarques1@hotmail.com

  3. I’v always been a huge fan of Maciek’s work and was expecting a show any time soon. Now here it is and I am totally surprises by the nudes, but the outcome is amazing and i can’t wait to go and see the show. the simplicity of this artwork is stunning, great casting great execution. Bravo Maciek.. now we need a nice book on those nudes.

  4. he is huge in japan, i wish i was in NY to see the show. anyone know if the show travels to Tokyo?

  5. I always was hoping to see a show of Maciek’s work, now here it is with exhibition on Nudes. Well done. Such a great talent, cant wait to see more of him again. yOu rock!!!

  6. BIG WHITE WOMEN NUDES this has been done many times already by the Master’s of the past. MDC, if your staff would do their research, they’d do a better interview and expose for their readers. This is a boring photo and I would love to see much better work. The internet makes way too many average Stars.

  7. I can’t see anything of the photographer in this snap? Literally, *anybody* could produce a shot like this. The model however could make some stunning images with the right photography.

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