Trapped in the Tumblr Closet!

Trapped in the Tumblr Closet: Charlotte Free from Tumblr on Vimeo.

With a newly minted Maybelline contract, a rabid online following and status as the poster child for pink hair, Charlotte Free is one of the industry’s most unique success stories. Since she’s not your typical model, Charlotte deserves an interview as inventive, off-kilter and original as she is. Watch as Charlotte gets ‘Trapped in the Tumblr Closet’ in this exclusive video, presented in partnership with Tumblr Storyboard. Find out why she’s addicted to Zelda, what she looks at online and why she thinks she was so much cooler when she was 12.

  1. I met her at a record store without realizing she was a pro model. She was so fun, original, sexy, and had a sweet-ass coat (she used it to wipe down the vinyl before playing them). The guy she marries is so lucky cause not many pretty ladies I know will go for electronic techno music! You know that song by Human League titled ‘The Things That Dreams Are Made Of’? It still all seems like a dream even meeting her so randomly.

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