1. Tattos are the one thing about the fashion industry, right now, that I just don’t get. Someone help me understand.

  2. To Nik:

    I don’t think in these cases that the boys decided to “get” the tattoos because they were in the business. It’s the other way around. The way I see it, the kind of boys who get these tattoos are pretty comfortable with themselves, they know what they like, they have a “je ne sais quoi” attitude about life. The same cool “edge” in their personalities that made them get the tattoos is what attracts the photographers who in turn want to capture that “cool” factor.

    A warning though to all the male models who are reading this, don’t think that getting a tattoo will make you instantly cool or get you to shoot with the right photographers. There are tons of supermodels, male and female, who don’t have a single tattoo. It has to feel right for you as it’s a very personal thing that will be with you the rest of your life.


  3. Why is some one using my name?
    I love tattoos. I have a few myself. But, I think this is a bit much.
    May be if the art work looked original or something. Maybe special ink, I don’t
    know something I could say ‘wow!!!!! he looks so cool’. But, I just see another tattooed boy.

  4. well it sounds as if mark is projecting his ” just another tattooed boy” comment, because I see a work of art

  5. whats the big thing with the guys with tattoos. so many who hasve tatoos nowadays.. and i am not loving the look either…

  6. The inked boys are the ones who have more attitude in editorials and catwalks these days. Love your point of view to Nik, Betty!

  7. i really admire how these boys with tatoos are and the varieties that matters now… this makes the industry more colourfull than ever..so the clients will have more choice in the market,,, new and fresh thats the way it is…
    i salute betty…. love u betty!!!

  8. I love the fact that the industry is accepting tattoos now. Being a model with 2 tattoos, I’ve really never had a problem getting work as of lately. His tats are just as gorgeous as he is. Yay for tattoos and modeling!

  9. The tattoos are greate. Still, I think he would look even better if he shaved his hair off. That hair doesn´t do any good.

  10. This model looks great with his tatoo…however, I think that when he is in his later years…it will look ridiculous and too silly on older skin. I think it is juat a trend…that may be regretted later on.

  11. first of all, it’s not fair at all, that male models with tattoos are now ‘accepted’ and most female models with large tattoos are not.

    Second of all, he’s a good enough looking guy, nice body for sure. And I don’t have a problem with his tattoos either; EXCEPT for that tattoo on his stomach around his naval – that one looks like sh!t. Yuck.

  12. I have ink and im a parts model. i tried out a few year ago when i was 19 and they turned me down because i had ink, even thought they would never be in my shots. i tried again a year later and they took me on regardless of my ink. People need to stop being so narrow minded.
    some of us do actually have some fucking idviduality.

  13. LOL…….as a part of the RED scouting machine…….we saw his face first!!! The tats were a wonderful bonus…..it went along with his cool guy personality. My Tip of the day……..focus on the face then zone in on the personality.

    Geoege @ RED aka…..TheAgentMan

  14. Cool,but fashion & style changes, then WHAT? removed them tattoos or change profession to a “HELLS ANGEL BIKER”

  15. Models don’t have more attitude or a better personality just for having tattoos. Also remember that trends don’t last forever.

  16. I find good skin one of a persons most attractive features. Think it’s a shame some beautiful folks mar such an asset.

  17. It is so much fun reading all the comments. Like I said just another tattooed boy.
    Good luck finding work.

  18. Love the Tatts.
    I have been looking at sub culture and tattooing over the last fgew months and aim to tak it further.
    Has this model been shown in Many magazines yet if so which ones.youtube new street projects Plymouth

  19. Take away the tattoos (not a God-given feature) and all you have left is a generic good-looking white boy. Sorry. I can picture him at some blue collar job saving up so he can go to college.

  20. i like tattoos i am a reguler gie alot of tattoos an where i live i am really not excepted cause of my tattoos …this model thing i wanted to try but never had the chance… could any one help me out?…well yeah..

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