1. Thank God they have put a mask on his face!!! This guy is not even a character!
    ..my hamster was better for this cover.
    Big mistake RED

  2. What is the point of attacking the model? Lets have some respect here…The models actually read this crap you all write and its discouraging and childish. 10 magazine is a great magazine, and an opportunity of a lifetime for a new face. JasonK/Major

  3. Kudos Jason!!!Some people are so completely careless with words!
    I’m quite sure GoArt hamster probably wouldn’t have time to do the cover since it spends so much time up his ass!
    There is something to be said for constructive criticism…..still!

  4. Jason….thank you!!! This is very hurtful to the model and upsetting to me. I want to tell myself that the folks commenting are just onlookers and not industry insiders but the model is a new model and this was his very first booking. Please!!! let’s show some respect here. There were a lot of well respected creative people involved in Dan’s selection for the cover.

    Thanks again for your kind words….Jason.

  5. Jason….thanks for that comment. 🙂 10+ has the most ingenious and fashion forward stylists, photogs & editors in the biz..and they don’t make mistakes. The problem with giving lay people the opportunity to spew insults shows how antiquated some of us can be. That’s the problem with fashion in the US…we’re not insightful…and are reluctant to take chances. Sometimes it’s easy to sit back and cast stones…but until you meet these models in person and see them up close and personal….we should learn to hold our peace. It’s not easy as a brand new face to go in a nail such a coveted job….with the volume of models out there. All I can say is…Goart…you must have a really amazing hamster.

  6. I think he’s an interesting new face.. Not conventionally handsom but really intriguing. I applaud Red for taking a chance with him

  7. as an industry insider, I do respect where everyone is coming from. Congrats that this was his 1st booking, but honestly, this kid is NOT a model. I’m sorry, but I do wish him luck.

  8. In response to that girl…many originally said the same about Kate Moss and the rest is herstory!(see No.1 Money Girl/Icon,etc)
    Isn’t it great that us jaded insiders can have our flip attitudes still tested?
    Keep up the great work George and Dave!…..and GoArt,you continue to make Richard Gere proud!

  9. To everyone,

    That first comment should not have been published. We are figuring out how that happened. That first comment is just downright rude. As Jason said, the models do read this, 10 is a great magazine and 99% male models would love to have the opportunity to be on the cover, mask or no mask.

    We always welcome all opinions (for and against what we post) but (and I’ve said it before) YOU MUST BE THOUGHTFUL AND INTELLIGENT IN YOUR COMMENTS IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SOMETHING, not being flippant and immature.

    As for Dan, don’t worry about what this person said, you are uniquely beautiful and a great model!


  10. To Rodney,

    I’m sorry but to compare Dan to Kate Moss is ignorant. Ms. Moss is a freak of nature but in ALL the right ways. Dan just doesn’t have that special IT quality to make a successful male model. I think X hit it right on the head…Maybe this is a sign of recession indeed. I wish him well still

  11. In response to “that girl”….thanks for the congrats…but can I ask you which A list photographers and A list stylists you have worked with in the past and how many covers did you attain after not only submitting pics…but actually meeting them in person??? And more importantly, what constitutes your opinion of a model….since you know what a model is “not”….lol. And as I said to Dan earlier….I apologize for the ignorance of the comments…..but don’t worry as the same was said about Kate…and sometimes all the controversy can prove the nay-sayers incorrect. Remember folk…Dan wasn’t a want-to-be model….this was a kid I stopped on the street because I saw something in him and apparently so did some key others. 🙂

  12. To Dave: Paolo Roversi, Jenny Capitain, Joshua Jordan, Steven Klein, Ise White, Inez and Vinhoodh, Katie Grand, Venetia Scott, etc. shall I continue? I have been a model agent and a casting director. I am still working in casting as well as photo production. I find it ridiculous that you would ask for my credentials when I’m clearly not the only one in this community who doesn’t see your point of view.

  13. To that girl,
    I am quite impressed with your credentials,cheers to you.
    I am however hardpressed to understand how someone like yourself,with your amazing dossier,could so easily throw out such blanket statements.(you my dear are no Diana Vreeland)
    How many times within our industry are we challenged to adjust our supposedly trained eye?
    If Kate was too large a leap for you to fathom the comparison,I’ll cite Rosemary Ferguson,who was almost extraordinarily plain,but there was an intangible she had that made her briefly successful.
    We exist in an industry that not only allows,but encourages us to think outside of the proverbial box.
    Thankfully some of the people you so eloquently rattled off,in your amazing dossier,once again,are able to expand beyond the now.Cheers George and Dave for always taking chances!!!!

  14. To everyone,

    This is a case of where we agree to disagree. I guess in this case, Dan is just not “that girl”‘s cup of tea. Which is totally fine and we should respect her opinion as well!

    That being said, I believe the wonderful thing about fashion is that there’s room for all sorts of beauty. No, he is not classically handsome in the way that Tyson Beckford and Ballou are or Gabriel Aubry or Nacho the Ralph Lauren model, but the fact is that Dan got a cover and a full story for a prestigious magazine so that makes him a model! Whether he continues or not depends on if other clients will like his look, on his personality, on his hard work, on his ability to model and to be a chameleon, on so many other factors than just his appearance. Yes, when you’re classicly handsome, it’s so much easier to have a long time career working tons of catalog/advertising etc, but how boring would everything be if everyone looked alike :).

    By the way, I was a model agent as well for 10 years so I respect all the work it takes that goes into making a model.


  15. Was really looking forward to this cover…. and they nailed it as usual!! Very cool model! cant wait to see more.

  16. I wish people would use a little restraint when it comes to what they post here. Seriously, 10 magazine is a coup.We should be congraulation Dan, not tearing him to shreds becuase you ‘ dont get it”.and for a first booking its beyond. I dont think models.com posts these things in feeds to slam the model and their handlers. Cant an opimion be given about it becoming so personal? I hope you guys are all voting, thats where our attention should be..Sheesh
    Jason k/ MAJOR

  17. I think we should all as professionals or just as human beings understand that the comments that have been made are very insensitive, insulting and low-class.

  18. amazing how shortsighted – not to mention short of memory – these “insiders” can be. Remember Billy Wolf? Jojo? Elvis?

    Take no notice Dan. best of luck

  19. and since I’m on a roll, Luke Worrall for God’s sake

    that said, this story reminds me a little too much of past Arena Homme + editorials

  20. This is my response to “that girl says” Ok you were a model agent and a casting director….that’s cool. Since most casting agents and model agents don’t really scout talents. Did you do any street scouting? did any of your street scouting lead to the discovery of any working models? If you did…….then as much as you are spewing fire…..I will say carry on. If you have never street scouted…..then show some respect to the people who bring the talents to the table. Discovering a new face on the busy streets of NY and flipping them on the cover of 10+ is MAJOR!!!!! No one asked you if the kid was a model…..your opinion was not sought after in the selection process. So chill and stop with your bitterness.
    Oh yea!! if you are casting any paying gigs give me a holla……..I got a few models for you. If you’re not casting……..get out of NY and go hunt wild animals with sarah Palin.

  21. People shouldn’t be so quick to judge! He’s not the first model we’ve seen that’s not classically handsome – I thought people would get that by now? Yes .. He’s not a Wilhelmina guy or a Major guy [eh jason?!] but he should be congratulated for landing a major cover. Though I must admit – I really wish people would think harder when it comes to tattoos … Miro Moreiras – beautiful … This guys … not so much … Though in saying that they kinda go with his whole look … Must also admit though … 10 Men … the written content I find awful compared to others.

  22. Another thing … Is Dan British? [sorry, can’t be bothered researching!] He looks very East London / South London … If so who’s he with in London?

  23. Yes George, I have indeed scouted in NY and all over the country (Thats actually how I got my start in the business) and have booked models for MAJOR editorials and advertising campaigns during my tenure as an agent. I know what it takes to pluck a model from obscurity and make him a ton of money. Did that on several occasions. I didn’t make my original comment to bash or insult anyone and I’m sorry that you are taking this so incredibly personal.. And FYI…I have booked some of your boys before…Can we please move on?

  24. The guy is obviously a model, he has the height, weight and proportios right. Shut up whomever needs to

  25. Really guys get a life. It was the magazines choice to book the model. That is the statement they wanted to make. I am sure we will be soon be seeing several different clones of Dan, and just as quick they will disappear. Dan congrats and good luck to you.


  27. Just to update…check out the blog to see the latest developments on Dan. So far the resume is quite impressive. Since 10+ w/ Magnus Unnar & Hector Castro, he’s shot Barney’s catalog w/ Alasdair McLellan & Panos Yiapanis, Another Man w/ Solve Sundsbro & Nicola Formichetti and just this past Friday T Style Magazine w/ Alasdair McLellan & Beat Bollinger. I’d say he’s proving the nay-sayers to be just that…EMPTY nay-sayers.


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