Fun Times At Chadwick Tyler’s Tiberius Opening

Michael Schwratz playing shy with Naty Chabanenko/Women

Naty Chabnenko/Women and shy photographer Michael Schwartz

The Fashion Week party marathon got its unofficial kick-off yesterday as mobs of models came out to Chadwick Tyler’s opening at The Honey Space in Chelsea. The spill-over crowd included Black Book’s Elizabeth Sulcer, photographer Mike Schwartz, IMG’s David Cunningham and Lisa Benson, music legend Michael Stipe and models as far as the eye could see. OTM scanned Agnete Hegelund, Iekeliene Stange, Myf Shepard, Naty Chabanenko, Meghan Collison, Sofi Berelidze, Rachel Clark, Suzanne Diaz and the sole male model featured, Tyler Riggs profiling like a rock star. It was really great seeing the familiar crowd looking so fresh and relaxed against the back drop of Chadwick’s gorgeously rendered images.

Naty, Chadwick, Tyler and Sofi huddle for the cam

Naty, Chadwick, Tyler and Sofi huddle for the cam

A selection of Chadwick Tyler images at The Honey Space

Myf Shepard caught in the light

Meghan Collison looking IN-CRED-IBLE

  1. that’s all? and wow, chadwick looks nothing like i pictured him to look. haha.

  2. I love seeing models in candid shots like these because they are really so ordinary looking.

  3. Naty Chabnenko does not look ordinary . I would stop in the street if she walked past me

  4. Dying to see it all.
    Chadwick is the future (and present)!
    Meghan & Natalia are inspirational. More please.

  5. his work is really good but i think that’s enough basic!
    i love the colors and the technic but unfortunatly he only takes beautiful models in pictures… i really would like to see him make something else.
    the result could be interesting. i have got the feeling that he doesn’t use all his potential, that’s sad!

    By the way, Tyler Riggs has a scared face on the picture XD a bit ugly XD
    but Sofi is gorgeous and Myf is really adorable!

    have a good day.

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