IMG 4 Pac Rock Dazed

Anna Gushina, Cato Van Ee, Kori Richardson, Pernille/IMG. Ph: Will Davidson. Image courtesy of IMG

It’s an all IMG affair for the September cover of Dazed and Confused ((from left to right): Anna Gushina, Cato Van Ee, Kori Richardson, and newcomer Pernille (see her in her “Walk” video on MDX). Interesting thing is this interesting 4-pac represents a coveted vanguard of the most new girls for the coming catwalk season.

  1. Wow! I love this cover so much!!! Its one of the best Dazed covers
    Ive seen in ages. Cato looks so strong! and the colors are really
    striking. xx

  2. great use of colors! doesnt look like september issue at all!
    cato is my favourite one here. she looks great!
    lots of buzz around her!

  3. ‘Ace the future’ it looks more like the a 60s take on the future.
    I do not think this is one of their better covers, but it seems
    like I’m in the minority on that one!

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