Polo Forever!

Travis/Major Model Management. Ph: Arnaldo Anaya Luca for Polo Ralph Lauren F/W08. pics courtesy of Major.

The latest V Man boasts a 5 model spread of the pristine new faces of Ralph Lauren Polo, 4 of them (Travis,Terron, Robyn, Paul) are with Major, with the fifth newcomer (Pierre) being with New York Models. Polo forever!




  1. There are five models, as you point out, and six pages. Pierre is on two of the pages whereas the others only get one. I’m glad you named him and his agency cause I didn’t know who he was.

  2. don’t like the way they look they look everything except sexy…let’s say quickly
    they are smart!

  3. so where is Pierre?
    he was at least a non white model and he’s not posted!

  4. Well Alex, Pierre had his own OTM story (or was it in Feed??) last week, featuring his FW08 Polo Ralph Lauren. Check the Archives.

  5. Alex,
    Major sent me the pics. They did not send me Pierre’s photos
    because he’s not with them. Stop looking for racial reasons when
    they do not exist!

    And as Nik says, we did a post on Pierreon July 24th.


  6. This story appears to be about Polo in V, not Major. It would make sense to post pics of all the guys. Pierre’s absence is all the odder considering he’s the only guy who has two pages. Yes, Major only sent you pics of their guys, but this isn’t their site and it’s not their story. Clearly you can do more than just post what they send you. Someone at models.com could have figured out a way to get one of Pierre’s pics from the campaign. Love this site, and I know there’s nothing racial to this omission, but you need to really think through what you are doing when you celebrate certain models/agencies for a specific campaign and leave others out. Your readers can’t see what you intended to do; they can only see what you did.

  7. Poo,
    Very good points and interesting to see how it’s perceived from
    the “other side”. Major was very proud of their accomplishment
    in having 4 of the 5 guys and actually the story is supposed to be
    about that, having 4 of the 5 for such a big campaign from one of
    the smaller agencies, (smaller meaning not as well known).


  8. Hi

    Its all perception isn’t it
    You open September GQ AND its our guys again, and one pic of pierre. aren’t these threads
    about getting info out there? Wht is it seeming like an ommision? Pierre has been featured here
    but yet it seems like there is so sort of diss to someone.You dont realize, but most WORKING MODELS
    read these posts and comments, and I dont think you realize how petty sometimes it all gets.
    I personally sent this to Betty and Wayne as we are proud of our guys, our job isnt to promote Pierre, nor did we
    mislead them in his presence.

    Jason Kanner

  9. I’m from UK and went to boarding school, and the uniforms were
    very subtle. Lapels look sort of 70s though. The pics models
    nice, but clothing a bit strange. Am I allowed to say that!

  10. What is the name of the first outfit (the outer top)? OR is there a link that I can buy it on?

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