Mallory June Takes Sundance

Mallory June with IMG VP Ivan Bart at Sundance

IMG model-turned-actress Mallory June found herself at the center of a media storm at the Sundance Film Festival due to a hilarious Meg-Ryan-esque moment in her short film “Acting For The Camera” . With a timely blurb in Page Six and building popularity as an i-tunes download, the short has emerged as a Sundance sensation. OTM snapped Mallory and the film’s crew (Director Justin Nowell, his brother, screenwriter Thomas Nowell, and cinematographer / producer Grant Greenberg ) after a quick sit down with the “Acting For The Camera” team, including the film’s Executive Producer, Ivan Bart. “It’s really funny that people think that this is an overnight thing but I’ve been working hard for a few years now, taking acting classes and just really enjoying the process, step by step. It’s so exciting to be here now in the middle of all this, ” revealed Mallory. With gigs including the upcoming NBC pilot “Blue Blood”, directed by Brett Ratner, and ” Kick-Ass,”  starring Nicholas Cage, watch for this young Dutch beauty to join that coveted clique of next wave actresses in the next few months.

Mallory and the Acting For the Camera team, (Cinematographer / producer Grant Greenberg, Director Justin Nowell, screenwriter Thomas Nowell ) strike a dramatic pose.


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