The Unstoppable!

Naomi Campbell/IMG PH; Mario Sorrenti for V54

Ms Campbell is unstoppable this month, adding this powerhouse V Magazine editorial to her current round of blue chip bookings . Shot by Mario Sorrenti on the streets of Manhattan , Naomi takes full  command of some very striking looks (as styled by Jane How). Stay tuned for the full layout!

  1. Definitely, she is unstoppable!! No wonder, she stays in
    the fashion industry for long time.

  2. The second I saw this my reaction was wow this such a bite off from Harper’s Bazaar Australia
    July 2008 issue shot of Kate Bosworth with
    photographer Simon Leikes and stylist Christine Centenera.

  3. Maris, yeah you’re so right. Mario Sorrenti and Jane How aren’t creative enough so they need to copy that unique shot in Australian Harper’s. Woman photographed in a Viktor&Rolf jacket, yes they are so biting the highly original original!

  4. Maris- you are delusional.. the fact that Naiomi is wearing this jacket, in this iconic black and white frame, it says soo much, interms of fashion, it has a great political/ historical moment as well. DREAM. SIT AND THINK ABOUT IT. This Image is epic! It says so much..

  5. Not only does it speak to this moment in history, it also says a lot about Naomi’s own career and story. The whole team did really nicely.

  6. Kitson,
    I’m not taking anything away from Naomi ( I love her) or what the picture
    Political/historic …I agree and I also agree with Jason as it
    says a lot about Naomi’s own career. It can also be motivation for
    others. Anyways, How one might interpret this image or why they
    like it is a whole new subject.

    I am simply stating what I instantly noticed.
    Check out Harper’s Bazaar Australia
    July 2008 issue…they were ahead of V mag. for conceptualizing
    this shot.

  7. Naomi is an icon that will stays forever.
    Her approach is so strong, and she is so fashionably clever.
    She definetly is the best translation of a top model.

  8. Maris. Please give up on your rant. So what if one photograph looks
    like another. There is nothing unique to the Kate Bosworth shot. Both
    subjects are woman. Both are in a coat. One has her hands in her
    pockets. The other doesn’t. Both are photographed to the left against
    a city skyline. One’s in B/W. There’s no original concept in the Harper’s
    it’s just an OK photograph and it seems to me that it’s not worth the
    comparison. A team who work for one average magazine versus two
    icons who have created incredible images for W, Self Service, V, Paris
    Vogue, Visionaire and Purple.

    Ahead, behind, bitten, biters—give up…

    No biting

  9. she has worked hard to get to where she is now regardless of what she’s known for she’s still a stunner

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