Letters To Haiti

Coco Rocha & Behati Prinsloo | Images by Julia Chesky & Janelle Okwodu for Models.com

In 2010 the Haitian earthquake devastated the island, destroying homes and lives in the process. Though it has been over a year, much of the destruction caused by the earthquake has yet to be repaired, a fact that affects the lives of millions. Putting their celebrity to good use models (and best friends) Coco Rocha and Behati Prinsloo headed to Haiti, along with LakayPam, an organization dedicated to helping children in developing nations meet their basic needs. This week at Milk Gallery, a documentary of their travels directed by Coco’s husband James Conran premiered and the stars came out in support. Take a look at the film itself and a few words from Coco and co. on why its so important to give back.

MDC: How did you get involved with the cause?

Coco Rocha: I had started right when the earthquake had hit to raise awareness and of course money for a group called LakayPam, which helps a specific orphanage. We decided to go back a year later and see if what we were doing had really helped these kids. We wanted Behati to take pictures and so the kids would know that we’re there for them we thought, lets get letters from around the world and bring them to these kids. I think people were very humbled by their reply letters, the kids were excited to see that people love and support them.

MDC: What made you want to come out and support tonight’s event?

Hilary Rhoda: I’ve known Coco since we both started and she and Behati have been so dedicated to this project. I think the pictures Behati took are just gorgeous as well so of course I wanted to come out and support them.

Karlie Kloss: I couldn’t miss this for the world, Coco and Behati have worked so hard on this for months they took this trip back in February and it’s so inspirational it really is. They’ve been telling me about this for a long time so seeing it for the first time is incredible. The film was really amazing – such an incredible work of art. I even asked Coco when is the next one – I want to go on the next trip! I feel like I’m on a high right now, everything has been amazing I’m in such a great place and I have all this great energy surrounding me and I want to harness it into giving back.

Images taken in Haiti by Behati were part of the night’s silent auction.

The always animated Karlie Kloss & Coco Rocha

Carolina Bittencourt

Hilary Rhoda

Designer Rebecca Minkoff

Social fixture Michelle Harper with designer Jeremy Scott

Hilary Rhoda, Zac Posen & Coco Rocha

A signed print of Cintia Dicker was one of the many items up for grabs.

Julia Stegner greets Karlie Kloss post show.


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