The NYC Streets

Show goers outside Lincoln Center | Photos by Melodie Jeng for

While New York City may be a usually well dressed city, nothing brings out the big guns like New York Fashion Week. We have seen people become stars from the effortless cool to the over-the-top. The street has brought out the best in style when it comes to bright and bold colors, mixing and clashing prints, and shoes that seem nearly impossible to walk in. From the plaza of Lincoln Center to the very edges of Manhattan, here are some of our favorite shots from this season in New York.

Joanna Hillman of Harper’s Bazaar always looks amazing

Polish beauty Daga Ziober

Fellow street style photographers Phil, Tommy, and Nam

Model turned host Coco Rocha

Stylist Anthony Pedraz

Emma Johansson looking glamourous outside the Y-3 show

Freelance writer and street style darling Miroslava Duma before Marc by Marc Jacobs

Ada Kokosar & Garance Doré make a perfect pair

Hanneli Mustaparta outside Calvin Klein

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