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Estee Lauder’s lineup of global beauties Joan Smalls (in Cushnie et Ochs) Hilary Rhoda (in Kaufman Franco), Constance Jablonski (in Lanvin) and Liu Wen (in Kaufman Franco). All photos Janelle Okwodu for

Estée Lauder knows how to throw a party and with several of the world’s loveliest models on their roster and a slew of exciting new launches set to debut, there is plenty to celebrate. Creative director, Aerin Lauder and Global Brand President Jane Hertzmark Hudis unveiled new products to an audience of beauty enthusiasts including Teen Vogue‘s Amy Astley, Mary Alice Stephenson, Mikki Taylor and even Martha Stewart! Naturally, the radiant faces of the brand were also in attendance, from iconic blonde beauty Carolyn Murphy, the sophisticated charmer Hilary Rhoda, to brand new spokeswomen Constance Jablonski, Liu Wen and Joan Smalls. MDC was behind the scenes of this special event to give you a birds eye view of the festivities.

Constance Jablonski gets prepped before the show.

Watching Tom Pecheux work is a privilege.

Liu Wen is sitting pretty

The legendary brows of Hilary Rhoda

Joan Smalls is perpetually camera ready

Pure supermodel in a white dress by Kaufman Franco

Liu Wen was radiant in blue Kaufman Franco with stunning Deanna Hamro earrings

Carolyn Murphy has been an Estee face for 11 years and she’s still flawless!

Mary Alice Stephenson who styled the Estee girls for the event, with Liu Wen and Constance (in a dress by Lanvin) backstage

Constance shows off her incredible scarab ring by Noir and Daniel Espinosa necklace

The full range of Pure Color lipsticks was on display.

Hilary Rhoda is as sweet and personable as they come.

Beauty and Style expert Mary Alice Stephenson

Mary Alice Stephenson and Teen Vogue‘s Eva Chen & Amy Astley were in attendance.

The brand’s latest innovations, Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator and Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator were the focus of the afternoon.

Tom poses with the lovely Carolyn

The next generation of Lauder girls

A glimpse at the newest Estee campaign by Craig McDean

  1. All very beautiful woman. Joan is just everywhere. She does it all. Reminds me of the supermodels in the 80’s and 90’s

  2. They all look Beyond gorgeous!!! Constance coulb be the younger sister of carolyn murphy :-p

  3. Move over Linda, Christy, & Naomi, this is the new trio! My eye immediately goes to Joan in that campaign picture. I hope all three of these women have long lasting EL contracts while still having a fashion career(unlike Hilary Rhoda).

  4. So much beauty, and Constance, wow, I would love to see her parents, to see where she got those perfect features from.

    Hilary looks like she lost some weight.

  5. Perfect choice of girls. Theyre the perfect combination of high end editorials, campaigns, the top runway shows and of course an Estee Lauder contract. Also perfect representation of woman around the world.

  6. a very good representation of different types of beauty. Joan really stands out! her body & face are both PERFECTION!!! totally in the super league. Hilary’s face is really stunning! hope native chinese can start to accept the typical Asian eyes & yellow toned skin. been doing some research about chinese perception of beauty and it’s soooo sad to see the native chinese all want to look like white ppl :(

  7. Beautiful pictures of all three girls together. I’m really glad they picked a diverse group it’s more reflective of our our multicultural society.

  8. Joan Smalls looks radiant! It’s nice to see the diversity in beauty!

  9. I would love to see a girl with really dark skin in these ads, Joan looks great but makeup looks so incredibly beautiful on darker skin.

  10. best 3 girls, estee is really a foresight to future :) im so proud of liu wen, i hope in 2011 she will snag more major campaigns, she deserve it!! so pretty.. her smile always make u smile along as well ^^

  11. Joan Smalls, Liu Wen, Hilary are genius… Im still not sold Constance…she has a star quality but its forgettable. She does’t have that it factor or personality that displays interest. As far as getting us know her. Constance is just typical beautiful model with no personality… like the current crop(girls) thats been on market. She looks amazing but I think i would choose a different Blondish type of girl maybe Anja Rubick or Current Lara Stone post eyebrows…

    what trying to say follow iconic beauty Carolyn for the ESTEE brand, a girl has to bring her personality, intrigue, interesting, and be relatable. HILARY did it! I think Liu Wen brings in a beauty that needs be front and center for all of Asia to see and appreciate for thier diversity. I feel she will redefine what is beautiful in Asia culture and well as here. Lastly, there is JOAN SMALLS, who has this rare
    “IT FACTOR”/energy that hasn’t truly been seen since Gisele “LAST TRUE SUPERMODEL” SHE IS VERY 90’S SUPERMODEL and gives us that. She has this energy that make you enjoy fashion yet what to know is the model equally! Cool thing that she presents not Blacks(of all ethnicities) but MOST IMPORTANTLY TO ME (BECAUSE I CAN SOMEONE TO RELATE TOO) LatinS THAT COMES FROM AN AFRICAN BACKGROUND….happy to see her and Arlenis Sosa changing the minds of not just people here in America but our own culture… that Black beautty in the Latin community is just as beautiful as the typical or stereotypical LATINO OR HISPANIC look we see daily…Most people forget there are alot of African /mixed Latins and dont have someone with darker skin representing us. So Estee and Lancome, thank u for seeing that… Now,can we get Darker Brazilians (like myself) to be an Ambassador for a Global beauty brand? hmmmmm Lais Riberio or even Gracie.Carvalho! BUT EITHER ESTEE LAUDER OR LANCOME NEED TO CHECK OUT MS.LAIS RIBERIO!!!

  12. And I must say this: before Joan started get bigger, We aLL have waiting on a new Crop Supermodels like the ones in the 90’s. I’m not talking about a girl books editorials, campaigns and shows, like back 2 back.. like most this crop of the past 8 YEARS… Daria and Natalia couldn’t cross over in comes Victoria’s Secret re-create it for my generation…but didn’t really see them doing both. however, it did and still girls into household names… FASHION WAS LACKING THAT TYPE MODEL WHO COULD CROSSOVER HIGH-FASHION, VICTORIA’S SECRET, BEAUTY AD and still be intriguing to be people not into fashion but they know the name of the model.

    I believe Joan Smalls brought that back and she walks like a supermodel…. Maybe, she is bringing back the REAL SUPERMODEL, like the days of Gisele. I feel like there are a few of girls/guys coming up like her that can re-establish the true meaning of a Supermodel, and not just be your typical fashion model.

    Joan lets get a Victoria’s Sercet campaign and a either a Versace,Calvin Klein, Balenciaga or maybe Chanel campaign… while getting a spot in a LOUIS Vuitton ad to gurantee a supermodel can be re-born!

    keep it up!

  13. ohh, an only girl Vogue cover or two couldn’t hurt at all! lol!

  14. I couldnt agree more with the last three posts ^ well said. Joan is a supermodel. Victoria Secret needs to get Joan quickly!!! And why doesnt she have a solo cover yet?? That shouldve happened long ago. So many girls that no one ares about gets covers every month. Weird!!

  15. Unfortunately with an EL contract, I am guessing there would be some contract conflict for Joan signing with VS. Lancome and VS were in a bidding war over Daria, and eventually Lancome got her. Look at Daria now, she is a top model! While it would be unlikely for Joan to have both, it would be a nice surprise. What I hope to see from Joan is all three big Vogue covers(US, Italia, Paris), more ads for EL, Gucci, Stella, Givenchy, Cavalli and Gap. I would also like to see future ads with JPG, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, & Oscar de la Renta. I really see a supermodel too, and I hope the industry gives her the time they gave Liya, Alek, Tyra, & Naomi.

  16. I disagree so much with that comment on constance with no personnality… X_X u probably never watched any video with the girl in it or u are just dumb! She just kills it! She has that aura around her like an ange. I rarely see girls shine like she does.

  17. Amazing, simply amazing. Estee Lauder really knows how to choose the best models for the brand ;)

  18. Three Cultures! Three Different Beauties! What a great choice of models by Estee Lauder!! :)

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