Derek Lam S/S 12 Beauty

Jourdan Dunn in the makeup chair backstage at Derek Lam | Photos – Janelle Okwodu for

Beauty is one of the most important elements of a runway show and for Derek Lam this season, the look was as fresh and impeccably crafted as the collection itself. Backstage we caught up with legendary makeup artist Tom Pecheux of Estee Lauder and he walked us through the gorgeous spring look.

MDC: What’s the inspiration for this season?

Tom Pecheux: We were inspired by the clothes and the collection is about minimalism, architecture and the west coast. So we wanted to have something fresh, that captured the warmth of the west coast. We are playing with subtle tones yellow: yellow eye shadow on the eyelid, no mascara but brown pencil to frame the roots and the eyes by applying it on the roots of the lashes. We did stronger eyebrow because I love working with strong eyebrows, it is a look with a lot of power. For the eyebrow we apply a brown eyeshadow and shimmer under the eyebrow. Shimmery bronzer and blush on the cheeks as well, but very very soft. More like a flush on the cheeks than a bronzer. On the lips we also used a yellow gloss (the limited edition Citron Kiss) it gives it a shine you want, but takes the pink tones out – we want it to be an earth color. The whole thing is very light, fresh and healthy.

Orlando Pita created the sleek hairstyles for the show.

Saskia de Brauw gets prepped.

A wide array of Estee Lauder products were used backstage.

Hilary Rhoda was on hand reporting backstage for Elle.

Ginta Lapina in the show’s signature yellow shadow.

Fresh skin is the perfect starting point for any look.

Gertrud Hegelund gets ready for the show.

Milou Van Groesen in the final beauty look.

On the runway girls looked natural and polished.

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